G-Portal - Pinned Post/False Advertising

Can the Pinned Post be removed from PS4 related threads?
G-Portal do not offer any Server for Conan Exiles (PS4) for €9.00 a month. (As it stated) Instead only on PC/Xbox. Should never appear Pinned on PS4 related subjects as it’s false advertising to PS4 players.
G-Portals cheapest servers for PS4 are €18.00 a Month. They only offer 20 people servers for sale, none less than that. (That’s why they justify the cost)

Can the Pinned Post be updated or removed as it is misleading to would be server owners.
I planned to get one… But will wait until Funcom allow it so 10 people servers are a thing.

I feel so sad there is no other option for PS4 players!

We, PC users, have the option to choose better provider, but you are stucked with full officials or expensive/nonexistent Gportal servers :frowning: