Accidentally rented PC server meant to rent PS4 Server

Can anyone help is there a way to convert over my brother made a mistake got excited to rent a server and did PC instead of PS4.

Any help would be appriciated.

Contact your provider and explain the situation

we used g-portal finding support is difficult

Funcom is a different company providing a different service. Their relation to G-Portal is as a customer like you.

Like others said, use G-Portal’s support. If they won’t help you, have your bank do a chargeback. If they won’t provide the proper service, this would be justified.

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Hey Vash. Did you set up a Gamecloud server? If so, you should be able to look at your server installation and click the trash can icon to remove that installation. Then you select “Add a Server” and Click Conan Exiles PC. Your monthly dollar value should be available as a “credit” which can be applied to this new installation. If there’s a difference in price between PC and PS4, I have in the past selected fewer slots so I don’t have to make additional payments. (This is all based on my experience with Ark Servers, because I have stopped using G-Portal for Conan.)

Otherwise, you should use the Support button on the menu to the left, and open a new ticket for billing. They will usually refund you within 48 hours.

Welcome back!

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all dont thanks a lot for the help

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