G-portal issues

I was able to rent a server on launch day and last night the server crashed while we were playing. Come to find out the servers has hardware failure and has to be wiped in order to get it back online. All the progress my clan and everyone on the server had done is now gone. Funcom, please get someone else to host servers. This company cannot provide the services they are offering, its a joke.


Are your backups also gone?

– Mike –

They were gone. After telling them that I would just like a refund they had the server up with all my stuff still on it in 5 minutes. I dont understand thier customer service.

If the server crashed and the complete configuration (the “installed” Conan Exiles server) is missing in your G-Portal Dashboard (and because of that you can not get hold of the backups of the server) you need to contact the Support @G-Portal.

They have access to the backup, even if you can not see it in dashboard.

Looks like they put the server back on (“installed” the Conan Exiles server) and restored the backup of your server.

In my opinion this is not ideal (a server should not crash) but you and your clan are set for good (their customer support has “worked”).

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