A sad Gportal story


So here is the story of G-Portal’s mean wipes…
I played since EA and as soon as i could i got a Gportal server. After 2.5 years it all of a sudden wiped itself so everything was lost. We had backup of the savefiles downloaded regulary via FTP so figured upping them back would solve it but NO, for some reason it just would not accept the files, it allowed us to upload them but ignored them when we logged into the server thus forcing us to start all over.
Everyone was mad as h3ll ofc but after awhile we moved on.
We rebuilt massive cities etc and had more fun again, then came Siptah and we got a second server for that, also G-Portal server.

SO: yesterday it all went to pieces again after new update. First it was G-Portal not understanding we had the correct versions and it took hours before things worked again. After playing all night(a few of us) we logged to get some sleep, everything working as it should.
Slept, came online today, logged into game, and WOHAAA, “create character screen” popped up…
EVERYTHING gone again !!! This is on the Exiled Lands server btw, Siptah server is working as it should(for now atleast).
And ofc we had a backup done yesterday due to all the issues then just incase something really bad should happen, guess what !? Same as first time, G-Portal server is ignoring the files again forcing us to start over from scratch once again…
I am so freakin mad at them right now i feel like stepping on some skulls in Conan style…
I think this might be the final straw for me and my fellow players on our servers. It ruins the joy of Exiles when this s#¤%#4T happens over and over…
Anyone else ever had this s#“¤”#t happen to them ?

maybe not use gportal’s sucky service then? :stuck_out_tongue: after the first time I would have ditched gportal for sure, but cant say I have heard much good about gportal either so I prolly wouldn’t even have got them the first time, but yea I feel your pain, that gotta suck bigtime.

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Well… It was the one i knew bout when i first started… but if you have some recommendations on hostingservices plz share :+1:

Nitrado is one i have heard alot of good about, a streamer i like has had his conan server on that and he seems to have next to no issues at all and good customer service ^^

Rent a Conan Exiles server from Nitrado | nitrado.net :wink:


I’ve used Gportal, Nitrado, Ping Perfect and Streamline Servers over the years. Gportal was a headache and I ditched them quickly.

Ping Perfect was the best out of the three with the best service response time, most user friendly control panel interface and mod support, but cost was higher.

I currently use Streamline which is a nice middle ground as far as support and price though I have had a few issues with them, like for example, they reinstalled a new server over my port on their hardware…that was not fun, but they restored it within an hour.

Nitrado was the worst overall for price, performance and support.

I also use the dedicated server launcher which I know not everyone has the option to but it runs great on my machine with a minor issue at the start that has since been fixed.

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I didnt have such drastic problems , but the lag problems on Gportal made us change after 1 month. And we played only in 2 on a server that i think was supposed to be good for 10 lol. Weekdays was playable but laggy (pings around 60-150). On weekends fighting was near impossible , pings around 200-300, and from that teleportation bugs , moving back behind etc.

We changed to ServerBlend and im happy as hell. Pings are 20-30 ms !!! , constant. Its abit more pricy but well worth it. The customer service is seem good too, helpful at first (they move your data for free), and then after 2 weeks they asked me for my feedback if i was happy etc. , with a real person responding to my feedback.(Gportal wasnt even interested why i was cancelling lol) I also once copied with ftp one more time the saves from Gportal myself to revert some stuff we did, and it worked perfectly. The only thing that might be a bit worse then Gportal is the GUI for administration, its a bit less intuitive for me and mod order is changed by editing a file, not some GUI cursors. Still it works every time, thats whats important for me.

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I have never had such an issue with either GTX or ServerBlend. As someone who has used both for small slotted servers (not dedicated machines) for quite some time, I feel that ServerBlend offers slightly better performance and service for almost the same money.

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Gportal ain’t even responding on my rant/post in their forums so i guess as soon as current sub runs out we will be looking at some of the options you guys mentioned.

Lol Gportal seems like they dont give a f.ck, legendary company lol.
Its a bit sad if the official servers look as bad, might scare off a lot of new players.

I think moving is the only good decision:).


They do look as bad.

Half of us playing consoles can’t even get on the damn servers to begin with. Just stuck with a loading screen indefinitely.

I mean everyone expects a certain amount of issues now and then (computers right?) but this has been going on for over a year on some (which really speaks volumes in itself)

Unfortunately for us, we can only use Gportal, there are no other options on console. If I were a PC user and had the option to choose, given my experiences, I would not choose Gportal.


I like Nitrado. We have a little server with 10 slots for two of us, interface is user-friendly, I’ve downloaded .db files, edited them “by hand” and uploaded back several times, and all works OK.

That’s the impression I got from my experience with them.

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