Official servers are a mess

Hi, you guys need to do something about this, almost every g portal server have loggin issues, downs and rollbacks, im from south america and all this servers have the same issues, they are unplayable.

Private servers works much betters than this “official servers”. Even i can make a proper server with my current rig and internet connection and i did it and test it with players.

I like conan exiles despite some bug and optimizations issues is an enjoyable game, but gportal is giving bad reviews and bad reputation to the game, with their bad servers.

You guys need to push this company to have proper servers… or find another one that can do it. This is and issue that is affecting a lot of players and driving the game to a bad end. I hope you guys will take this into account in a near future. Thanks.

My brothers and I are having the same issues with official servers the one we were on just closed out us and can’t be found it’s server America 3753