Gportal Offical Server Quality

Server category seems to be spam recruitment so il put this here :slight_smile:

Quality, ie, lag/ performance/ rubber banding/ up time ect on the official Conan servers is getting to an absolutely horrible play experience. I get alot of “go on private servers” but that in itself isnt a fix or respectable solution is it? me and my clan/ friends play on a 40/40 server, made a really nice community, as nice as pvp allows but the servers are just terrible, ours specifically goes offline around 2/3 times a night during raid time, which resets it, so … no raiding, mobs becoming unresponsive for around 30 minutes after each restart, cant do damage, cant gather… ect ect

Our entire server has repeatedly reported its problems with no results for months, this is a community of around 25/30 daily players, seems most other servers with over 10 people struggle with the load they have. Can take hours before a server comes back online in some cases, as of why im writing this now, no one can get on… at around 1pm it went down, writing this at 4.

I plea Funcom to give more attention to the server quality you are providing your community, this is a plain reason why people quit and honestly been told to play a private one is not a result or a solution.

We have the same or worse issue on official pvp 1127.
Every single day its capped at 40 players. And crashed and is down for hours.
Or just runs like poo and players cant do damage to anything or harvest, so raid times just ends up of people sat in bases talking in general chat because you cant even gather or pvp.
Sad thing a maxed out 40 player budget PRIVATE server from gportal runs with very little issues even with mods.
Official servers must be way below that quality which is down at potato quality.

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