Gportal just sold out last CE servers! :)

This is something even Gportal didnt expect - as of now there are no more free servers for CE and you have to wait few days till they install new ones. Here is the message:

As for now we are also completely sold out on all kind of Conan Servers. We will add capacities within the next days, but for now we are completely sold out. Customers will have their playdays put back to start as soon as they will be able to add a server so no time is lost.

Good for them they will be rich! :moneybag:

Bad for us we have to wait or play on almost full officials :blush:

Seems like CE is even bigger success then Funcom expected!

it seems so

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I am SO GLAD by Streaming Group bought their server on the 5th. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad they are horrible.

Im on my 5th server in less than 3 weeks. They MAX their tickrate at 30, It should be 60!!! In my ENGINE.ini files its being written as “NetServerMaxTickRate=20”

Horrible support, when I finally got to a halfway decent server to ensure a good release, 2 days later on release they moved my East Coast server to a California server… Ive lost so many players its ridiculous.


They maybe good In Germany, but not in the United States!!!

A Pissed off customer…

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Is that the reason why there are no PS4 servers to buy at their website?

Yes, they are sold out.

With that said Funcom needs to put some more money back into the game It only seems like they added a few things to the game preview and then released it

They are back online. Allmost doubled in price. Greedy bastards!

hey guys if anyone is having issues to join official servers type “Official Server #2205 PvP” in search engine and you will find a server with the exact same settings and rules as official server

gportal was a poor choice
no more servers
the new app wont let me migrate my server so I cant pay for more time through the website, or the app, or ingame.

about to lose a 2 month old server because they cant figure out how to manage a database

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Nope, the price is lower then berofe: 0,9 EUR > 0,8 EUR per slot.

And all servers are sold out again :joy:

It’s a shame, cause Nitrado has all sorts of server capacity. Bought a PC server for $20.15 20 slots. Unfortunately though I was wanting a PS4 server

Yea, but you needed to buy 20 slots instead of 10…

Type that into search it’s a newly opened server slots open

Conan Exiles Official Server English PVP Dedicated #37968

How could you get a free g-portal server? I am paying about 60 a month for mine.

free = available, not free of charge ofc :slight_smile: Mine is 9 EUR for 10 slots atm.

ah ok i thought there was a give away or something for people with servers lol

Nice plug for you server m8.