New servers coming when Conan is free on ps4?

With the release of Conan being free coming soon are you guys just going to let the new blood scatter to all the existing servers that are bugged out? I think some FRESH servers might help the increase of players coming up. I seriously DOUBT they will put any effort in to ps4 though.

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EDIT: never mind… I didn’t check next month’s PS Plus games -.-"

But what comes to servers, I’d say half of the issues are on G-portal side. Note half, not all :smiley: I have personally never had good experience with G-portal’s servers :frowning: But few new completely fresh servers wouldn’t hurt anyone

Hey there,

There’s currently no plans to add new official servers to the game. However, we’ve added some extra functionality to help players find their next favorite private server.
Thanks for your feedback.

Will there ever be a reset to any official servers that are cluttered with abandoned places and have 1-2 active people?

There’s currently no plans to wipe any servers.

Just wondering why my thread got closed @Ignasis? Can you please point me to the correct forum to discuss the game, it’s performance issues and the developer in general without having my thread closed? This is the PS4 section yet discussion of the PS4 version is not allowed here?

This is the PS4 Bugs section. For general discussions of the game please refer to the correct subforum.
It also derrailed into a toxic discussion.
Please do not post in other threads about unrelated topics or questions either.

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If you aren’t going to add new servers can you increase the player cap our server is always full and a challenge to join at the best of times it will only be worse when the game Is in effect f2p

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I take it you won’t be answering this question either…

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Alot of users on other forums having issue finding good empty server, or they do find a 12/40, Next day abunch of peeps finished 70gb download and swarmed it.
5 days in, they havnt been able to ever get back in.

Already trying juggle thru the “died 10times to thrist, worst game ever” posters who down game. (who I reply with some stuff about common sense…says you drink water. XD)

The threads for server clogging is getting crazy. XD

Yeah I’m having the same issue now, bought the game like 2 months ago for $50 and purchased all dlc for the extra $40 and now my server which usually had 15-20 players is almost always full and with work and school I feel like I can never log on as much, really unfair, I spent the money I should be able to play on my server I’ve spent hundreds of hours on. They should increase the size to at least 60.

Yes you cant play now all servers are full

I put the game down for a couple months try an come back yesterday two full nights now all us servers like all 15 yeah 15 us servers that hold only forty people each just sucks guess I’m walking away again for a bit good luck funcom espically since ur not adding servers

It can be frustrating, but I’ve managed to get online each day with some patience. A good connection seems to help, especially with folks spamming to get in. I’ve been resetting my modem and router before I try to log in. It seems to help.

I’ve got great internet but it doesn’t help me a bit when the server is full from 6 o’clock at nite til midnight lol

Not trying to b a smart a$$ at all apologize if I come across like that

No worries, I was frustrated too. But resetting my connection did seem to help. Good luck!

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