Conan Exiles + Epic Store = overpopulated servers

in a few days Conan Exiles will be for free in the epicstore, it will be like the lauch week I imagine, i dont think the game is ready for all that over again. i expect a lot of lag, servers crashing, and ppl unable to login to reset the time and protect their bases. be ready people. if they dont open new servers.

in my case ( south america ) we have only 2 official servers in PVE, over here in Brazil we had a bunch of RP streamers playing the game not long ago. they had thousands of viewers , i think these ppl will download the game ofc. what will happen to the game then? game over. i cant even login right now because im getting 9999 ping.

EDIT: most of the unofficial servers uses diferent mods, but they are from steam. so where you think they are going? offcials. feelsbadman.:worried:

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U think thats bad? Europe has more servers, and after Free weekend on steam until abyshmall update servers was 1020 pings each day … the only think i dont understand, ping is so big only if there is more than 34 players… basically cant hold users :smiley: so either they need to buy powerful servers before that Free either i dunno, but knowing how stupid are epicstore who trys to steal other platform players by gifting stuff around … i don’t think conan devs are same, so probably they already got payed for that free on epic… so atleast one good thing from this stuff is that, they will be sponsored, and gets better rig to make the game better :slight_smile:

There is nothing bad! We need more EU players


Cant even give it away for free and have people happy… maybe Funcom should start charging for official server access instead… :smirk:


Official servers barely qualify as worthwhile while free. Might as well shut down all official servers if the plan is to charge for them, as the end results will be the same.

Meant sarcastically of course. I’ve seen other threads about fear of new players from epic and I agree charging would be a mistake, but the sentiment seems to be that fewer is preferable to more… charging would accomplish that. More imo is better as they represent a larger player base to support the game. I dont think there is anything sacred about the current players on officials as there is plenty of bad behavior as it is. Letting in more won’t likely change that. Its not a private club. That would involve a fee…

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I’m not worried about more new players lately our server came back to life with events on Saturday and more actives players a little boost of new players just gonna help the community to stay alive. There will be a lot of new players at first then most of them will just leave and things gonna stabilize again. The south gonna get crowded but that should motivate some players to move to other area of the maps for a change :stuck_out_tongue:

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Modded servers can still support players from the EGS if either the server admin or hosting company configures it properly. One method currently entails the hosting company opening a firewall port to allow the servers to send mod files directly, the other entails the server admin hosting those files on some sort of file server.

While it would be nice if there was native support in EGS at launch, these should still be enough to get us by until then.

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You might be right.

Anyone remember how it was before the auto subscribe function?

not complaing about the ping when they launch on epic. the problem is the slot cap 40/40 and you cant login.

I’m worried about it, but I really want it to be free, to have more players (I like that). The real problem is whether it will really sink online … I’m Brazilian, and Conan exiles is well commented here, but that the launch itself.

Don’t worry within four months of playing these new players will rediscover what is known already and probably leave. Then the servers will be barren as normal.

This game does not have a lot of holding power for players who move on to new shiny’s quickly.

I think the game has been removed from epic store. I don’t see it posted there as coming soon. Anyone else experiencing the same?

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yeah its gone , i wonder what happened… on reddit someone made a post like 8 hours ago about it and
wasnt there either.

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I was really hyped for this. I hope they won’t step back from their decision.

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Mmm. People complain that the game is dead, the official servers deserted and empty, and when there’s a chance to get new players, it’s going to be a disaster, too.

Yes cap is 40, but it should be 30… because for what i experienced the game server can’t hold more than 30 players with ping no more than 90… if there is more than 30 players on official server will probably die from ping 1020…

I would assume it has been pulled due to the bugs lately and perhaps they wanted it to coincide with the Map release? (pure speculation) yet fell behind developmentally

Either way the past weeks something has changed and it is no longer fit for purpose to release to a wider audience, yet we the paid customer is to find it acceptable, something they wouldn’t give away for free in its current state.

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A wild speculation :roll_eyes:

Promo link still works. Likely just changed projected launch date pending further stabilisation of the post-patch game (or, more cynically and pure speculation based on nothing - except human nature), someone just realised that all the Steam players may jump in and grab an epic edition too, since it’s free and there’s a need to curb that)