Conan Exiles free on PlayStation Plus in April

Well now I feel even more like a sucker for buying Conan Exiles earlier in the year. The game had issues so I put it down pretty quickly waiting for updates. They finally released a large update just last week that supposedly fixes some of those issues (though it creates more in the process)… And now it’s free.

Refund please.


One can hope, many of issues are ironed out… and that dlc sells well enough. And it prompts conan exiles 2 some day.

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Ah that’s cool there will be a lot of new blood on the game. Noob river will look like an apartment complex. Lol. Many time I have purchased a game right before it’s free on ps plus it’s kinda oh well.

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Good thing I didnt buy this pos at full price. This makes me angrier than Crom when somebody unknowingly mutters a prayer to him.

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I’ve bought many games on the PlayStation store prior to them being added to Plus. That is not the issue. The point of my post is that Conan Exiles had issues which forced my partner and I to stop playing the game and wait for updates. We finally get an update that might fix things up enough to play it and not have issues and now it’s being given away for free on PlayStation Plus. How convenient.

Had we known that the game had so many issues on the console we probably wouldn’t have bought it at the time. We would have waited for the updates to be deployed first and then re-assess the situation. In this case we would have gotten it for free as part of our PlayStation Plus membership.

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the reality is that this game has the same bugs since the launch and they does not care, they say they are working on it and only take out dlcs of paid content and when they remove a patch they do not solve anything and break something else.
no wonder that nobody plays anymore …


PS4 conan exiles is a bug factory. Don’t worry it wont be fixed. I am willing to bet it will be much WORSE. That is ■■■■■■ history. PC is the only playable version and even then it has it’s problems.


Why was FUN CON censored? lol

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I hope that at least to put it free players return and be motivated to fix this

The real dirty part about all this is that the game is currently on sale on the PlayStation store for the lowest price historically trying to encourage people to buy it before they give it away for free next month. They know that Sony won’t offer refunds to people that buy it only to find out that they got duped next week.

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No, it’s “do you want to play it multiplayer,” or do you eventually buy it at GameStop even though you’re too behind the curve to actually play well?

When you get a game on Plus it’s because you really should try multiplayer. That’s the incentive they’re offering, people I know are willing to sign up for Plus just to play Conan Exiles. :slight_smile:


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We’re excited to be part of the PlayStation Plus April lineup and can’t wait to welcome new players into our community.
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