PS plus subscription and Conan Exiles

Just a question. I pay for PS plus subscription and play only Conan Exiles on PS4. Does Funcom get some money from money I pay for subscription? If yes, is information available what portion of players money they can get?

Possibly, but if so, not much.


I have never developed a game for the PS Plus collection so I can’t speak to this directly. According to my sources, developers get a lump payment up-front for agreeing to be part of the PS Plus
downloadable games library. This used to be called “compensation for contribution to the Instant Game Collection (IGC).”


Well, in Greece we say ‘scratch my back so i’ ll scratch yours. My opinion for free ps plus games is positive. My son downloads every month the free games, he plays some hours with them and he goes back to his regulars :rofl::rofl::rofl:. So for me paying 120 Euro and not 1.000 for my son’s new game lust, is a good investment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. This is exactly conan exiles came to my gaming street. Now because i am the wallet, i surely know how to pay back the creators of this game. Now let’s take it from the start and backwards. If it wasn’t ps plus maybe i wouldn’t ever play conan and ofcurse i wouldn’t ever buy dlcs either. The backwards, i payed 120 Euro for 2 years ps plus and i enjoyed just one game. So i believe thar either way everyone is happy abd everyone has a profit from this, don’t you think?

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Sorry for my typing mistakes too, big fingers small buttons :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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