Conan needs to be on ps least core game

With Conan on the Xbox game pass, I was wondering if there was any pressure that Funcom can put to get Conan on ps now?

One of the selling points about PSNow is that the games on the list have the full DLC available, having just the “core game” may possibly not go well with the service subscribers. But, maybe they should try it for a month and see how it goes.

Conan Exiles was on the PS+ game of the month two years ago, March or April 2019. That’s how I discovered the game and started playing it.


That’s true about PS+, but I think the OP is talking about PSNow.

Anyway, I don’t think that comparing GamePass to PSNow is ideal, on the surface they sound the same but, are not.

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Same here but yeah talking about PSnow , the subscription service.

I think the model needs reviewed as core game is the gateway drug that should be offered “free” while the DLC is the revenue earners. The DLC is still cosmetic only so you could make a case that it’s like PUBG…I don’t get all the outfits etc with my PSNow PUBG access and have to pay for them. How is Conan DLC any different than PUBG stuff?

Sony changed it so if you only ave PSNow the games can go online without PS+.

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Sure, in the context of PSNow Sony will not include the “coins” needed to get the cosmetics for PUBG (or any other game’s currency for micro transactions).

Conan has no “coins” or microtransactions so, funcom will lose money if their DLC is included with the game on the PSNow subscription.

When people got the the game on PS+ it was only the base game and possibly some actually bought the DLC later with the money going to funcom.

So, I agree that the base game needs to be available but we will see.

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Take this with a grain of salt but I’ve read a few developers (not of this game) talk about how difficult Sony is to deal with compared to steam or Xbox when it comes to game promotions and sales.

They said that you basically had to be invited by Sony to put your game on sale and promotions rarely went to anything below the biggest franchises

I’m not trying to knock Sony here, I’m an Xbox player but plan to get a ps5 down the road, and have owned all but one Sony console, multiple copies of a few even


As a multi-system owner I see it like this.

PlayStation: Do it my way
Xbox: let’s work together
Steam: huh, what, oh yeah, do what ever you want.
Nintendo: we added “new” to the title name, see?


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