Why isnt Conan on PlayStation now?

I personally think it’s not fair that Xbox get it in their game pass and pc has something similar but PlayStation doesn’t they gotta give us something to get us more of a player base even just giving it to PlayStation plus members for one last month it’s been a couple of years since they last did it and it will self advertise since people always download the free games of the month

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It’s a good suggestion. Since this games was already on PSPlus, Sony may not make it available again. The PSN community really gets vocal about repeats (it happened a few times) and complains about older games on PSPlus.

I think Sony is doing something a bit different with PSNow compared to Microsoft’s GamePass. On PSNow so far the games I see contain all available DLC (if the game has dlc), on GamePass it’s only the base game, and the free week on Steam was only the base game. So, PSNow is great for gamers and may not be ideal for Funcom.

The middle ground would be a timed trial, I see many base games on the PSstore available in full for 7 (even 14 days) for anyone to try before you buy.

I would suggest that most the issues, already reported in the forum, need to be fixed otherwise it may not leave a good first impression.

Yeah if anything just one lore month in PlayStation plus at least I know they have it on discount but they gotta think about the younger crowd that can’t afford it because they got all the time to play conan lmao

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