Free release on ps4 - all EU server full. Are you serious?

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Today I wanted to check my base and start playing conan exiles. But instead of enjoying this game, I just get said that the servers are full.
this game is for free this month. Are serious with 6 pve conflict EU server with max. 40 people? That is clearly not enough.
what are you going to do?


Times like these are really unfortunate, but all I can really say is refresh, refresh, refresh. That, or find/make a private server with a passcode to prevent new players from flooding.

Sorry about your inconvenience :pensive:


The only downfall to this is raiding will kick up on the full servers.

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I saw the same thing on my NA PS4 server last night. It’s usually deserted, but there were 30+ people on it, all under level 20. I’m sure many of them will stop playing, but I hope some of them stick with it.


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