Rent a server questions

My friend and I are looking to rent a server for the PS4 since we are having issues with co-op and haven’t found a server we like. I am wondering what the duration means? Is that how long the server is rented for? Is it automatically renewed after the time? Any answers would be nice.


I can tell you how it worked on PC:

  • You buy a server with 20 slots for 30 days. You pay in advance for it.
  • You can use the server for 30 days. Once the time runs out, they shut down your server and you have 3 5 days!? to renew or everything is wiped.
  • You have an option to auto-renew (a setting which was not very reliable from what I have read) or renew manually which is what I opted to do.
  • For upgrading/downgrading the slots, you will probably have to wait till the end of the period. I tried once to change mine and ended up with a billing mess which ended up with g-portal completely cancelling my server and me ordering a new one with some partial refund. I have moved away to other providers so this may no longer be the case, I don’t know.
  • As far as I know, you pre-pay the servers, so even if you decide to cancel, you won’t get a refund for the unused time but you can eventually switch the game (at least it was an option for pc).

P.S. It was 5 days not 3:


Thank you @Narelle, another question now. The timers of the purge can be changed?

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I don’t know about consoles, on pc yes.


Ps4 gportal purge timer is adjustable. 20 slots 90 days 60 dollars. I have seen some private ps4 servers with only 10 slots but don’t see it offered. Auto pay on gportal is messed up I have had to over pay several times to get things running. Just pay when they ask.


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