Rented server full purge meter wont run

Game mode: [Online | Rented server

Problem: Purge Meter full won’t purger

I have settings set up and won’t purge, with purge meter full. Players have been waiting and nothing is happening any suggestions?


Hi, can you give a screenshot of your settings, or at least list them here :slight_smile:

Purge Protection System SAVE

EnablePurgeUnchecking will completely disable purge events.AllowBuildingIf flagged, building is allowed during purges.PurgeLevelRaising this increases the purge difficulty level. Level zero will turn purge system off.

PurgePreparationTimeRaising this increases the time in minutes between the purge warning and the start of the purge.

PurgePeriodicityRaising this increases the number of times a purge will be triggered in a real day. The actual number of purges is also dependent on the various settings below.

PurgeDurationRaising this increases the number of minutes the purge will last.

MinPurgeOnlinePlayersRaising this will make purges only occur when the set number of players are online. If set to zero, there needs to be at least one player online for a purge to start.

ClanScoreUpateFrequencyRaising the interval will make the purge meter increase slower, especially for active people and clans.

ClanPurgeTriggerRaising this increases the amount of different selected actions clans or players can do until they are eligible to be purged.

PurgeRestrictionWeekdayEndThe Purge will only take place during the times specified.

PurgeRestrictionWeekdayStartThe value 0830 means 08:30 oclock is the WeekDAY start Time

PurgeRestrictionWeekendEndThe value 2200 means 22:00 oclock is the WeekEND end Time
PurgeRestrictionWeekendStartThe value 1800 means 18:00 oclock is the WeekEND start Time
RestrictPurgeTimeIf flagged, purge’s will be restricted to set times.PurgeTimeWeekdayEndThe value 0000 means 00:00 oclock is the Weekday end Time

PurgeTimeWeekdayStartThe value 0000 means 00:00 oclock is the WeekDAY start Time

PurgeTimeWeekendEndThe value 0000 means 00:00 oclock is the WeekEND end Time

PurgeTimeWeekendStartThe value 0000 means 00:00 oclock is the WeekEND end Time

Hi, everything looks fine, you probably have your Purge Restriction Time checked, if you un-check it, just make sure to turn the purge off every night before you log off. Or you’ll end up having Offline Purges :slight_smile:

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