Why are your official servers so trash

i mean they are so super duper laggy. ive joined a few private ones and they are so much smoother even with 70 people on.

what the hell have you been doing to your servers

they share 1 server to host 10 servers through diff ports where when someone host a server it for 1 server for 1 only port no other shared hosts thats the difference

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Whats your DNS and the server location is it lagging on a hop on the way to the server? Could be a DNS issue…

Gportal servers are… mediocre. I used to rent one and with up to 10 people. It ran great. I wouldn’t push it past 25-30. Funcom should lower the player count to 25.

GTX Servers run great at 70, IF you run the decay system and IF you go dedicated box. Otherwise they kinda cap out at about 45-50.

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