3515- 8 months of problems and more

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This has been ongoing for several servers for almost 8 months. I’ve given up. Not just on the server but this game.
However, I see so many posts lately about this issue and have had so many good times that I want to bring it to light one more time before I go in the hopes that it will get the attention it needs to help others avoid the frustrations of dealing with this problem.
3515 is crippled. 3514 regularly reports these issues. A quick glance shows recent reports of similar issues on 3565, 3052, and others. And that’s just looking at the last couple days.
Please, it’s too late to help me recover anything but find some way to help all the others running into this. Conan could be a good game, but this is the third time I’ve lost everything due to server issues/glitches outside my control.

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