Server 3515 not working properly

Hi, yes I can find the server on the list, the issue is the infinite loading screen. Last week I could get into without issue at all.

I’m in the same position as Elnaca. I found the server easily by searching for it but it’s just the unending loading screen.

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@Hugo any update?

@Hugo, @Ravencrest172 Finally I could access today to the server without issue.

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I just got on too. I’ll try again later today (during hours it typically doesn’t work) but I did get in this morning.

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Just wanted to update you. So far I’ve been able to log in for four days in a row. Haven’t been able to do that in a long time. I’d like to keep the topic open till it’s been a week, to make sure the fix holds, but so far it’s good :grin:

Already lost everything on the server. I restarted on an European server and sinces yesterday im facing exactly the same issue. This is not about the server x or y It seems to be happening in all PVE Conf servers. The one im trying now is 3051. I already started to gave up from PVP and looking at this current situation probably the only Conan i will play will be offline.

Right now I can’t enter at Europe’s official pve-c #3051

Today I can’t enter either

Thank you for letting us know, we’ll reach out to G-Portal once more, apologies for the situation.

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3515 is back to infinite logins after certain times :frowning:
I was hoping, it lasted so long this time.

Same issue here with 3515…again…

3051 is the same always fails at night every night now, some players only play at night cause they work during the day and like this is impossible

Ongoing still. I’ve only been able to log in once since my last post.

We’re sending note to G-Portal regarding the ongoing issues, apologies for the inconvenience.

Ya, it is an issue present in almost pve-c servers. It was working during this week since sunday and then yesterday started again. Loading screen ad forever. My advise is when you log off from the game just let the character without nothing, even clothes, because when you see the loading screen you can die without food or water. If you lose the connection during the game, well for that there is no solution as you will die an lose everyhing.

Thank you Hugo, it seems something that is affecting multiple pve-c servers.

I was playing decay not updating logoff and eternum loading screen. Servers seems to do not support more than 5 players

Ongoing, haven’t been able to log in at all.

I have the very same issue. I just bought another add-on pack also. Thinking money might help but it doesn’t.

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