4 Chest, Armorers Bench and cupboard Dissapeared

Game mode: Online Official1940
Problem: Bug
Region: Swamp, Happened just West of Dagons Claw. 2 iron chest and 1 armorers bench disappeared (crafting area). Next day 1 iron chest disappeared in a different location (house).

Foundations Problem maybe??
Something I noticed…the items (in crafting area) had been sitting on T1 foundations for days with no problems. In both situations of disappearance, I had just upgraded the foundations to T2 insulated foundations. After the second upgrade (the chest in the house) the foundations became glitched so i was unable to walk on it. had to relog twice to clear it up.

Lost another iron chest and a cupboard today. (I did no building at all today)

Same happent to me in the north when i upgrade tier 3 my chests and workbenchs disappeared
the bad is today my character die without reason and when i login i spawn in the desert i lose all my items because there was in my character 1700lbs and the base in not raided that is wierd the game is broken is bad they have release it uncompleted…