4x4 (x4!) a resource option?

I really wish there was a way that the system could automatically detect when you have put 2 identical wall pieces together and it smartly replaces it with one piece. And could do that up to 4x4 walls and 4x4x4 or x2 foundations.

Same sockets and connections, but hopefully less stress on the server after you’ve finish building your base.

I don’t think such a system itself would work well. But it couldn’t be hard to make 2x2 pieces. The Treehouse Foundation is a 6 wedge piece.

I have considered making walls out of gates before. Just because its a 4x3 that counts as one piece.

I don’t know if the snapping system is that smart. It would be nice. Like if you put two stairs with bannisters together, it could hide the connecting bannisters.

I think you are onto something. Instead of this 2x2 emulate the gate with a 3X4 wall…heck a 1X4 would actually help out a lot.

2x2 and 3x3 with hands of Blue… wups, wrong genre.


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