Working 2x2 Gates

Hi exiles,

Long time I was watching how to build 2x2 Gates. And now I found a solution what makes me really happy. I know there are mods but I am a console player. And I never saw this here or anywhere so I would like to share it here. Also I have some questions.
First question was already answered by this thread: New Anti-Stacking Fence Foundation Limits in TestLive 2.8 - #37 by erjoh
Thanks to @TeleTesselator and the other people test and share there tests at testlive 2.8… I am on PlayStation so that’s the only way for me to see what’s going on for the future patches.
The question was: would we be able to do 1/8 stepdowns with the fencefoundation trick when the fence stacking protection goes live. I think the answers is that it’s still possible. Because without that it would be very difficult or i think imposible to do the gate trick.

But in combination to that my second question.
Is doing things like this legal? Or do I use an “exploit”? When I do this on a official server could I be banned for this?

Here some pictures of how I get my 2x2 Gates:

First i put a stall gateframe on 3 floors or foundations. Then i go a half foundation left with the stair/pillar trick and lower it down with the foundation trick. At least it need to be 5 higher than the gate. I can build now floors over the gate and put walls on it. I can place the gate even if there are floors so I can make it look like a 2x2 gate. But in real it’s more 2x2,5 or 3x2,5. But I can live with this space I lost under the gate.

Even if it looks good in my eyes the space between gate and wall is to big. So I put pillars at this place with the stair trick. And it fits perfectly :heart_eyes:

Of course it also works with other gate types.

I was searching for a solution like this for a long time and only found mods… So maybe someone like me is searching for this and can find this here and enjoy :blush:

I would like to see other cool tricks with doors and frames so share it with here please :blush:

This is my 2x1 version because It don’t looks goot when I put there 2 door frames so I make the stair trick to put the door frame in the middle of this tunnel.


So it looks like you utilize the ceilng stacking method and not the fence stacking. As far as I know (which I am also a console player so no way to vet this on testlive) ceiling stacking is still going to be permitted…however there are lots of us that are concerned that by 3.0 , ceiling stacking will also be dropped.

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Glad to see builders bringing questions like this up, it’d be nice to know if these advanced building tricks will be removed or considered an exploit. Adding 2x2 gates would be nice, but then I’d want one in every DLC I own, which would probably be a lot of work on Funcom’s part.


So you mean this would be not possible too when they not allow it. :confused:

I don’t like changes like this. And I really hope that it is an option for private servers and offline if I can’t do this anymore on officials.

Or give me the damn 2x2 gate options and please a half stair option or something like this.

I understand what problems these tactics makes on pvp. I stopped playing pvp two years ago because I had a problem with all these cheating kids and bugs and glitches that makes it really frustrating to me.

And now I see that the new pvp kid problems hits me once again?



It’s a wait and see if the remove the option or not. They haven’t started they would but removal of fence stacking was a surprise to most of us.


FYI from the testing of the testlive…ceiling stacking is reportedly gone as well which means this method of 2X2 gates will no longer be an option come 2.8.

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Thx for the info

Hmm maybe I should build my gate before PlayStation gets the 2.8 update :joy:
But I am a little bit afraid about what happens to them? Maybe there will be an auto destroy or I can’t rebuild them after purge or when I want change the building style. :pensive:

I hope that one day there will be mods available on consoles. The next day I am a server owner :sweat_smile:

And maybe I will start to make own mods. For this I would buy the game and all the dlc again on pc but would still play on console :sweat_smile:

I’m getting ready to spend the weekend building the last fortified hanging base that i can now. Maybe give my last unsecured treehouse a hatch door on the elevator spot.

I’m not 100% on this, but I assume pieces would lose stability and potentially cause the build with affected pieces to collapse. Big assumption on my part though.

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Im just going with the wording that they said about fence stacking “you can no longer place…” meaning new design. Old stuff remains until decayed or destroyed. But who knows…half my bases could just crumble when 2.8 comes out…<sigh…Que up “its raining men” for that day as 100’s of thralls fall out of the trees>

I see what you mean, yeah hard to know, makes me nervous.

Yes that’s what afraids me. But I use some of these technics also on other parts of my base…

And 1,5 stairs over this… My wall of chests

I am so surprised that by all the chests loosing stability threads this never had a problem.

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I was staring at the picture with a audible gasp…you like risky.


They are empty for now :slight_smile:

But they survived the 2.7 update.

Wow, my anxiety is peaking! While I’m impressed, I’m worried they could vanish at some point. After a few issues with the shelf/chest stacking (chests losing stability), I stopped using that method and went for this:

I don’t use vaults for a couple of reasons.

  1. They are too big
  2. I hate scrolling through the massive inventory to find what I’m looking for

Using several chests dedicated to specific types of loot is my go-to. As you can see in the photo, I slightly lowered the ceiling by placing lowered fence foundations for the wood struts to sit on so when I’m on the storage shelf, I don’t bump my head. I make tall characters!


An actual view from the other side of the wall. I am so proud of this wall. It was planed with Arena walls and have signs over the chests. But it looks so nice with the Glas walls that I removed the signs.
Call me crazy but everytime I running threw my base i need to stop in front of the wall and watch on it. It’s even OK for me that it’s only a deco for this moment :sweat_smile:

They are placed on plates in the middle of the wall. They have access from both sides. Seems that plates are better than shelfs for the moment.

The chest on the left side are on floors behind this walls so this would be also a problem for me.

This is an earlier look:


This looks nice. Cool solution with the woodframes
And I am totally with you. I don’t like this big vaults.

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Thanks. I tried using the Nord Shelving units, but they are touchy with chest placement, can’t get nearly enough chests on them, so I built my own. It’s not exactly how I would like my storage system to work, but it was a quick fix during the chest/shelf bug and since it seems to pop up every so often, I’m brainstorming other storage ideas to replace that.

The glass definitely looks luxurious behind your chests, I will admit!

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My noob considerate gamer sense (NCGS) tells me that’s fine and not a problem. What would be a problem as far as gates and doors go, would be stacking 10 or 20 gates (or doors) in front of each other. Your idea here seems to be within the spirit of the Funcom guidelines IMO. I don’t work for FC tho and have no legitimate or official say in the matter. FC themselves almost never seems to comment on these sorts of questions either - so, all I can really say is good luck.

That should be totally fine tho, really. Especially if your total base is under or about 5k pieces. If it gets too big and someone complains I could see the Admin also using this as an excuse to move on a demolition (or ban) however.

I appreciate your way of working around this problem but it is truly sad that we are not offered a 2x2 door or gate whatever Funcom may want to call it and I would be willing to pay for. Thanks for coming up with a work around.