500 days playtime


I just had my 500 day funcom anniversary. I’d love to know who are the top 20 time in players of AoC.

Can you arrange an obsession board?

The Prince

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You mean 500 daily “the vigilant” title?

Think I had like 10000 hours of aoc on my X-Fire counter back in the day. That is many years ago doe. :stuck_out_tongue: When I was young and my life was shared between sleep, school and aoc for about 3-4 years.

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I’m talking about in game accumulated funcom days


I don’t think the /played time is something everyone wants to face :laughing::grimacing: or have published…

But if the CM can not create such an obsession board perhaps you @starhunterceo want to make a thread like the dungeon leaderboard thread, where players can share screenshots on a voluntary basis?

Geez that’s a lot of time you played! they should make a statue of your main toon in Khemi :smiley:

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I like the idea!

Statue of the 3 players with the most in game time in aoc! Just like the saga duels…by participation only.

Decided to tally up my own hours. Came in at 476 days total play time

Muriel has played for 7 days 18 hours 2 minutes 16 seconds. (Hox Fury)

Spreadicus has played for 35 days 3 hours 5 minutes 50 seconds. (DT Fury)

Spreadfu has played for 2 days 3 hours 6 minutes 10 seconds. (Demo Crom)

Daniphae has played for 24 days 21 hours 51 minutes 36 seconds. (Guard Crom)

Laethiel has played for 188 days 15 hours 10 minutes 54 seconds. (Tos Fury)

Klishaya has played for 40 days 2 hours 40 minutes 30 seconds. (Necro Crom)

Alairiel has played for 33 days 21 hours 37 minutes 46 seconds. (Conq Crom)

Caitlinbrie has played for 50 days 4 hours 49 minutes 16 seconds. (Ranger Fury)

Laethien has played for 36 days 6 hours 32 minutes 20 seconds. ( Sin Fury)

Nioniel has played for 8 days 11 minutes 4 seconds. (Barb Fury)

Elienial has played for 9 days 19 hours 31 minutes 50 seconds. (Pom Crom)

Silima has played for 4 days 20 minutes 48 seconds. (Bs Crom)

Spreadicuz has played for 7 days 1 hour 58 minutes 26 seconds. ( Hox Fury)

Spreadman has played for 27 days 21 hours 57 minutes 50 seconds. (Bs Fury)

Total Days

476 days

11,424 hours

Do I get a statue?

Well you are second! Which is Lirial? I’d like to hear from svartsin

A statue in Tarantia trader square
or since nomen omen we can "spread"it across all Tarantia:chest here, head there etc… :smiley:


eh. I’d probably had well over 2000 days over all my accounts (stopped counting at 8). And I stopped mostly playing 2 years ago.

Around 692 days, not counted the hours. 9 locked characters I can’t check. Deleted about 10-15 characters over the years. I’m guessing somewhere between 750 and 800. Still don’t know how to play :p. There’s people out there with way more than that.

with your 500 Days you are somewhere in the top 1000 nothing special

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The only people left playing are all within the 500+ club lol

Sad truth lol

Still think itd be fun to see a FUNCOM official leaderboard on the topic :slight_smile:

This is interesting. How/where can I see/check my playing time?

/played in the chatbox :astonished:

/born is fun, too

Thanks. I’ll try it.