5th Strength perk, Blood-Mad Berserker Buff

I’m rewriting this thread as I don’t enjoy making a huge list of unrelated changes.

I feel that this perk is VERY situational and mostly useless for how difficult it is to obtain. 50 points in one attribute is ridiculously high and the reward should be worth it. This perk essentially is meant to turn you into a glass cannon: reward you with damage for taking a huge risk staying at low health.

Currently, it activates when put below 25% health for an additional 50% damage, but it’s a TEMPORARY buff of about 5 seconds… that’s it?

Even before I knew this was only a temporary buff, I felt that the perk was not only situational, but just not worth the points to get. The change that I feel might make it good is to not only slightly increase the health drop to 30-35%, but also make the effect PERMANENT as long as you are below the health line.

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By the time you get there you are fighting monsters what will oneshot or twoshot you. The whole 25% thing is not going to happen. 75%+ would have practical value. Or rather each time you get hit.

Also the damage increase from the final 10 points is 180% to 200%. That’s quite an expensive 10% boost.

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True true. The main point is that you are taking a HUGE risk staying that low for a decent damage buff, so it should remain permanent as long as you are willing to take the risk, especially for how expensive it is to get.

Like I said, before I knew it was only temporary I didn’t think it was that great to begin with.

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