Blood-mad Berserker working as intended?

I recently tried out this perk since I am currently farming ledendaries and this perk cought my eye, I was excited at first, but after trying it out I figuered it beeing basically useless, once i drop below 25% the effect is listed on the left for about 5 seconds, after that, it dissapears and I don´t do any more damge than normal any more despite staying below 25%. I did not leave the fight either which might be a reasonable event to end the effect…
I really liked the concept of this high risk high reward perk, but if it is intended to only last for about five seconds every time it is basically useless, especially considering that it is a level 50 perk, I got to say that I am a bit dissapointed since I really like glass cannon builds, this perk could be an immense help for a solo player on barbaric farming legendary creatures with those ridiculous health pools, but at the current state - bugged or intended - it is basically useless.

i also wanted to get that perk, but since i want to have the a good lvl in vitality (health regen buff), i guessed it would have not fitted with the berserker perk well.
i wanted to change my build at some point and put less points into vitality in order to check this berserker perk but…
… if what you describe is true, i think you’re right to say this kinda useless and unexpected to work this way.
This must be a bug imo

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