64 bit client for iOS Catalina 10.15.2


I use to play the game on pc on steam but, recently, i bought a iMac and i can’t seem to find a 64 bit client versión of the game for Mac so, is there a plans to make a client for mac and running the game? I know about doing Virtual Machine and doing it that way but, i’m no interested in use that kind of method.


I’d look into Boot Camp if you want to experience SWL on a Mac.
A native client for macOS seems highly unlikely at this point won’t happen.

Damn for the native client on macOS, it’s a shame.

Boot Camp eh? Thanks for the tip, I will go and see If I’m lucky enough to find one SW, that place kind of confuses me, every time I download something from there, is in Windows Format.

Anyway, thank you.

Boot Camp should already be on your Mac, you just need a Windows license and then you’re good to go to run the Windows SWL.


If I am not growing old and senile a 64bit client of the game doesn’t exist…no matter if mac or windows. They looked into making one but hit some kind of hurdle with it.