Launch AoC on Macintosh

Hello folks!
An old friend’s trying to get back in game with a Mac. He has installed the game, found back his member account, but do not manage to launch the game. Any tips or idea on how to launch the game on Mac?


I don’t think it ever worked on Mac. The dxwebsetup file needs to be run and download the dx files.

What do they use to run it on a mac ?

The game runs just fine on linux, with PlayOnLinux (it’s using wine as emulator), so it should be working on mac too, at least in theory.
You can check this: Installing PlayOnMac - PlayOnLinux

Does he run Boot Camp? Seems to be kind of dual boot for Windows on a Mac.
Some years ago in the old forum someone wrote it was working: Install the game on MAC ??

could be still possible? :thinking:

I’m not sure if bootcamp works with the newer arm base macs.
Using wine or bootcamp are the 2 options i thought about but no information is provided about the computer.

If using wine, go for the dx9 version of the game for better compatibility.
If using bootcamp, install windows 10 and it just becomes a windows computer.

Thanks all for these informations, I check with him the way he’s trying to make it run :slight_smile:

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