Running AO on Mac in 2020

Hi all,
Old time (2001) AO player here, trying to get back in the game!
I’ve been trying to find a way to run AO on a macbook pro in 2020, but have struggled to find an updated guide that gives clear instructions on how to make it work with Wine,Crossover etc…
I have now tried using Parallels to run it, and the good news is that it runs perfectly!
The bad news is the mouse camera is completely off. Every time i try to rotate the view with the mouse it starts spinning very very fast.
I tried adjusting different settings in the menu to slow down the camera speed rotation but nothing has worked.

I’m curious if anyone out there has had this issue and resolved it?
And/or if someone has found a much better way of running AO on a mac!

Any help is welcome!
Thank you.

Are you using a two button mouse ?
Secondly there is a strange power setting in windows (and I’m guessing you’re using some emulated version of windows) that saves power. But also “cuts off” keyboard and mouse inputs leaving many applications running on with the last input.

If possible in your situation:-
Open device manager
Go through all the usb input devices (there will be several for each input device)
Right click each one and on the last tab “power management”
Make sure “turn this device off to save power” is unchecked,
mouse power

haven’t tried what caloss said, but i guess it wont help. same problem here with parallels on my hackintosh. found no way to get around it yet.
and yes other than that it did run perfect.