64 NCU Memory (QL 200) Rolling and Looting

Is 64 NCU Memory (QL 200) removed from mission rewards? Is it also removed from the skeletons, crashed androids and broken machines inside missions?

I don’t want it from the shops at the price of 15 million to 17 million.

I used to be able to roll it with most of my attempts being in 2008 and 2013. I have not rolled it in 2019, and I set Clicksaver hundreds of clicks… 300, 700, 1500. A few weeks ago, I looted two out of level 200 missions from crashed androids or broken machines. I’ve tried to do that in a ton of missions again on August 7, 2019 without finding any. I did find many empty loot androids, machines and skeletons.

I would recommend rolling it in level 201+ missions; the rewards table is much smaller there and NCUs are more common. If you roll exactly Ql200 missions, it’s not impossible to not get any hits within a few hundred rolls.

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I have rolled a lot of 64 NCUs using clicksaver at lvl 200 missions (many thousands of rolls), but as Saavick said - it is a little better rolling e.g. lvl 207 missions than lvl 200 ones.


Thanks for the replies Saavick and Keune. I can roll level 220 missions with my 200 trader. Nothing between 200 and 220. I tried 300 level 220 mission clicks in Newland City then 300 more in Borealis. I think they have removed it from mission rewards.

No, they have not. Enter “NCU memory” without quotes into clicksaver’s search string and set 1000 rolls. Go walk your dog or make yourself a cup of tea. You will succeed eventually. And it will be cheaper than in shops. You may even get the mission reward as well (I usually roll “find person” type missions).


Hello I can confirm they are still rollable. Some tips to make it easier:

  • As others suggested, rolling 201+ (if possible) is better since it narrows down the reward bonuses to higher ql items, excluding this way (most of the) nanos, for example which are quite a high percentage of database items that can be rolled.
  • Select all mish types except kill person in clicksaver
  • Set all the sliders (except last one which doesn’t really matter) to middle setting. This will make the rolls cover a wider range of possibilities. For example, setting the bar for Human enemies only, will basically reduce the chance by 50% of rolling it since it excludes monster types
  • Be sure you don’t have typos when writing down the item you search for as this is crucial for finding them. Clicksaver versions 3.XX can be set to find items wrote both like 64 NCU Memory and “64 NCU Memory”.
  • Be patient and expect to take some time until the item is rolled.

Good luck!


This is a serious reason to make an alt - a fixer :busts_in_silhouette: and lock xp gain at lvl 195.

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Can you confirm that you are able to roll any item? I had some issue with CS where it would skip right over nanos that were very clearly in the mission reward list. After restarting it all seemed to work properly again.

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Cake: yes. I rolled many things recently. Mostly ql 200 clusters. I got a few ql 10 concrete cushions too.

Why is this anyway when they sell on the market for 1-2m? Price is completely arbitrary? Why? Might a well be 100m in the shop as no one buys them.