Unused High QL Weapons

Any likelihood that, seeing as this game is now entering its dusk period, that the many unused weapons, such as the North Wind Katana for an example, could ever make their way into the mission roll/dyna tables? I cant imagine it would be very difficult to do and would go a long way towards general QOL for Froobies? It cant be like Funcom has cared much for Froob balance for a while and i’m sure i’m not alone wishing that some of these were available at anything resembling usable QLs. It saddens me that this game could reasonably be expected to die before I get to play that NM NT with a QL200 XYZ Wind Katana :stuck_out_tongue:

The North wind does drop at ql 200 from team mission bosses and dynas.

Is this a new addition? Can anyone else confirm? When I last played only the Proff Locked West Wind Katana was available at higher QL and the other three were low QL ToTW only drops.