7 days of decay time?!

Every week i logged into the game to do base maintenance, but guess what?? THEY CHANGE THE DECAY TIME TO 7 DAYS!!! Its an absurd!!! I Just lost months of gameplay with this change, countless hours in this shameful game!!! Now this F game is definitely dead for me and my friends.

If you can’t bother to log in on official servers at least once a week to refresh then perhaps an unofficial server that does not have decay timers is the place for you.

Otherwise, here’s a suggestion: How to get around decay timers on Official Servers while you're away

Oh really? great find here!!! --’
I’m frustrated with the decay time reduction, which is clearly a desperate attempt to improve the game performance, not considering the casual player experience who don’t have the time to log into the game every day. Funcom’s latest decisions have been extremely frustrating for ALL of us. Already uninstalled the game, who knows one day in a few years, funcom will be able to offer a decent experience to its player base, until then no more conan around here…

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It is the normal decay time frame. 336 was for the holidays originally and despite the usual 1-2 months for summer and winter respectively, for some reason they extended the summer through to recently.

There are many reasons why 168 hrs is an appropriate time frame. I am sure you can reason as to why you need 336 hrs but we share the official servers with others. Due to the lack of moderation there needs to be a way for bases to disappear and allow room for others to play.

If you ever decide to return just remember that there are options and it is only digital loot. It can be reacquired :slight_smile:


We had just taken a break until funcom solved the shameful performance issue on PS4. So do you really think it’s normal in a PvE server over 30 T4 thralls, many special pets, all advanced benches, gold farming, a base of over 5000 pieces, countless rare itens and resources to disappear in 7 days ??? Really??? I can’t take a trip that everything will be lost??? this is a joke. I don’t care about makeshift methods of accessing the server remotely, a decent game wouldn’t require that from a casual gamer.

Don’t hold your breath. Funcom has been consistently terrible for years. They don’t communicate with players well, their patches break things, their “fixes” are often worse than the problem, they “rebalance” with little foresight, and they have a very opaque process of enforcing their vague TOS on official servers.

Hi @L-C0ST4-AP

Yes, decay timers have been reverted back to 7 days after the winter holidays.
You can read more about that here: Carrefull, decay back to 7 days on officials - #124 by Sarealac

Thank you for your patience and understanding.