Carrefull, decay back to 7 days on officials

lol ! They did announce it earlier today. Better late than never.

Link please!

where exactly? i cant find it on the forums

I play several hours a week but I’m on a PVE server. So I don’t spend my life with a repair hammer in my hand.

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you do realize people do take vacations and 2 weeks vacation is not that uncommon? especially snowbirds like myself often do tend to go away around this time to get out of the cold into some tropical haven.

Its not like people are asking for anything unreasonable, just an announcement so folks can plan accordingly.

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I do. I’ve taken longer sabbaticals from the game myself. And in many cases, I’ve pulled up my own stuff to make room prior to taking off.

But my position is this: If I am in a location that I’m not actively using. I’d prefer if a more active player gets to use it. There are locations on those servers that have been occupied for months if not years who the owner in the last year has less playtime than some players have in the last week.

I favor the player getting those locations to be the one who is currently active.

Couple this with the fact that if only active players had builds, the server performance would increase dramatically. The goal is more space for active players AND better performance while they are active.

If someone is offline 13 days out of 14. I cannot fathom one would even notice their stuff is gone. Like how often is one even thinking of their build for the other 13 days out of 14? Or even if it was 6 out of 7? But then again, refreshing should require a bit more effort than simply remembering to login.

Remembering to login is not anything akin to actually playing a game. And is a selfish practice that doesn’t take other players into consideration. Funcom has done a disservice by not taking administrative action against those who do it habitually. Its effectively land claim abuse to habitually refresh.

So should the announcement of changing decay timers, but here we are, getting the short and sh*tty end of the stick on that. Politeness can be expected, but when people get shafted unfairly, you cant expect everyone to respond politely.


Spam is against TOS, as everyone knows. Peoples bases on the other hand, are not. Helps to know the difference.

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So u negate the overall time and effort a player has dedicated on this? Is not normal a player (lets say after 5k hours to have way less stuff to do than a new player -with lets say 1k hours), to have way less things to do after some dedicated gameplay?

I belong in the category where i have done almost everything i want in this game, yet i prefer to maintain my place and wait for new content rather to start from scratch everytime FC places in new content…

Is that something bad? Maybe FC should place a limit and after lets say 200hours all progress should be zeroed and all start from scratch?

One of the reasons i personally play is that i can maintain my place…and not loose my progress!!!

Not all have the same opinions as u do @Taemien . , Neither all wanna play in privates where mostly good gameplay is locked behind a paywall .

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Hello Community,

I’m not a fan of wild conspiracy theories and I also don’t know what’s going on internally at Funcom. So anything written here can only be assumptions, because none of us are internally involved.

You don’t see me very active in the forum anymore and if that were the case, the Bug Section would be my home anyway, but be sure I follow the forum daily in other sections as a silent reader. :zipper_mouth_face:

What some people write in these sections is really frightening, thank God :pray: I’m not a forum moderator here. If I wanted to be in a bad mood, I would know exactly where I have to go. :see_no_evil:

A forum moderator is not a level 1 support on the phone who has to listen to every piece of crap and nod his head in agreement. So I can even understand when the moderators doesn’t do this every day and just takes note of sections like General Discussions and Feedback without commenting on them.
At least that’s how I would behave and the more toxic the whole thing becomes, the more I would withdraw from the active conversation. But that would only be just my approach and does not have to match with the moderators here in any way.

That was, first of all, a basic statement about the forum here in the recent weeks and months.
Unfortunately, it’s always the same people who first express correct criticism, but then often overdo it in the discussion, make assumptions about internal processes they can’t know about, talk games to death or otherwise engage in some kind of doom and gloom. A moderator will know how to assess this and read over it so that he doesn’t wear himself down in the process.

Nevertheless, I too have to admit that communication has slowed down a lot lately, especially as far as news and announcements are concerned. I can only hope that this is due to the turn of the year and the holidays. With all the crunch in the gaming industry, the developers, programmers, moderators and all who are involved deserve this from the bottom of my heart.

But here I have to agree with the community that on official servers the decay timers are reset or the bazaar rotation has not followed a weekly rhythm for a long time and that this is not officially announced anywhere or at least a position is taken on it and clarification is carried out, is absolutely not okay.

We are all human and we all make mistakes, that is not the problem, but communication is the key and also clears up conspiracies. This and much more will hopefully be better again and can tie in with the “Golden age of Communication” with Jens, Andy, Nicole, Tascha and Ignasi, who did a hell of a job here back in the days. :heart:

But times have passed and they have moved on to other projects, so now we have other moderators, but I am sure that they too do their best to communicate with us as much as possible and share their knowledge when they know something new.

In this sense, a Happy New Year to all and let’s hope that things will improve again in the future.




Sorry, but English is still a foreign language for me. What is the exact meaning of “decay timer”?

Does this mean that if I haven’t visited an official server with my character for more than seven days, all building structures I built on that official server will get lost?

Can anybody explain the whole thing to me and other foreign speakers here as simple as possible? Thanks in advance!

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When the decay timer reaches zero, your structures enter “demolished” state. The owner still have some hours to login and refresh the timer but in the middle every other player can dismantle your base. This applies to every types of server. Technically, that player did nothing wrong, but…

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But the decay timer reaches just zero if I’ve been offline for more than seven days, so … If I understand it correctly, this can only happen to me - or other players - if I’m offline for more than seven days, right?

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Looks they decided to wait till the 7th Day. That should help clean up some of these servers. :smiling_imp:

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Okay, that was the answer I was waiting for. :grin: Thanks a lot for this.

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Nope… Sometimes decay timmers bug out, and while u think it has been refreshed, it aint… So the rule is the 7 days, but there r some occasions where the rule fails

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

With the end of the holidays and with mostly everyone already finishing their family gatherings, we made the decision to revert the decay timers back to their original 7 days.

This should be reflected in the in-game messaging as of right now.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience while we worked on adding this in-game.

Let us know if we can be of any more assistance.