My main base decayed in two days

Have had the same exact issue. I login every 4 days to refresh the base (even have it on an alarm with my phone). Today I logged in to find a base was “decayed” and deleted 2 days ago. The base was quite big and i used the portals to travel between the bases.

I have noticed this also happen with 2 other bases. I just put this down to over December with the reduce days I must have misunderstood the 5 day timer schedule. This time round I was very specific and very aware of the timers each time I log off.

There is a bug.

i noticed that to( inconsistent how long it takes to update the decay update timer) sometimes its instant, and sometimes its not. I now allways
take my repair hammer with when checking my places.

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They have your money already.
Funcom did everything but do a spam email telling everyone the decay timers were going back to a week.

You do know just logging in to one base does not refresh all of your bases, right? I lost a couple drop bases because I was logging in to my main, doing some challenges and logging out.

Not saying there isn’t a bug. I’m saying I didn’t know I had to go to my transitorystone mini bases every time I logged in or they decayed.

No, they didn’t. They didn’t set an in-game announcement until 1 week after the change. Which, by coincidence, just happens to be the time needed for the decay to kick in.

As for the forums, they haven’t even posted an announcement in their News and Announcements forum. The last mention of decay timers, at this time, is the post from September of 2022, where they say:

Even just going to them might not suffice if you don’t stay there long enough to refresh them. When refreshing, always equip the repair hammer and watch the decay timer until it goes back up. That’s the only way to be certain you’ve refreshed your build.


Yep. This can take up to 2 minutes from my experience depending on the amount of build up the server has


I just remember reading all about it long before it happened. Maybe I read a lot and assume most people do.

I also read a lot on these forums and there was absolutely no message from Funcom mentioning the change before it happened or on the date it happened. Players, on the other hand, did have a lot to say.

In fact, there are only 3 messages from Funcom that I remember seeing on the forums about this issue:

Notice that last one? It’s in a thread, created by a player to inform and warn everyone else about the change. The official reply to it was 7 days after the thread was created.

So by all means, if you have seen some timely announcement somewhere that the rest of us somehow managed to miss, please produce a link here.


Oh, of course, Discord! Not an in-game announcement, not on the forums, not even on Twitter. No, Discord. Silly, silly players, how could anyone miss that Funcom “did everything but do a spam email telling everyone the decay timers were going back to a week”? :roll_eyes:


I was well aware of it and like most people do on this forum I made an erroneous assumption.
You’ve never done anything like that, right :wink:

Oh, I have, plenty of times. I freely admit when I’m wrong :wink:

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Thing is even if they did send out a forum post about it, it wouldnt be enough.

In game message is the least they can do. And there was no such message.

Majority of the playerbase is not reading the forum on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or not even at all. And that’s nothing you sign up to either when buying the game.


So they put the actual date of server decay timers change only on discord?

The point here is that generalities of unspecified time when something is changing that will drastically affect game play is one thing, but when w date is determined, notice should be put out there that it’s going to happen so people can prepare for the change.

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Think it was H1Z1 they ran a red ticker banner all the time you were logged in, telling you about upcoming events; updates, official wipes ect. Players fell in to 3 types, the ones who read the banner and blew it off, those that gripped about the banner, and those that gripped they weren’t informed about the changes.

Yup. Everything that you said is correct.

And why would I go to an unofficial discord to get official information?


Because you have been here long enough to know how Funcom operates :grin:

I left the discord. It’s even nicy nicer then here. And this much nice is hard for me to do.

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Man, it’s always bugged the crap out of me that there is not an official discord. I’m in it but muted it as I always assumed that Funcom would use their own channels…

You’re right on both accounts though.

I’m sad for OP :frowning:

Was there an announcement in discord? I don’t see any message in the announcement channel related to decay timers.

Ignasis posted on 20.12 (hotfix patch) and then 19.01 (TestLive patch)

EDIT: I did a search and as far as I can see, it was players talking about the timers on 05.01, no messages from Funcom though.


I have 1400k hours in this game. Was logging in every few days to render my base yet one day i log in to see it gone. My portal outposts were still there amd fine so something bugged at my base. Im upset that i lost a massive ton of stuff amd hundreds of hours of work. But, what has me fumed is i lost my crafting thralls, mainly my 2 shieldwrights. I have spent a fortune on this game, deal with non stop bugs and tons of crashes yet still play. I can say im not going to spend another cent , had my thralls amd pets been gone i would have deleted the game amd never touched it. Really sad how you treat loyal players.

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