Refreshed base decayed without any reason + foundations destroyed by player on PvE

I have a sneaky suspicion that you may not actually know how decay works in this game. You’ve mentioned a couple times now that you “should” have a certain amount of time because you had just “logged in.” As I tried to explain in my first post, not all buildings share the same timers. In order to reset a timer you have to “visit” that base, not just log into the server.

Hypothetically, if you logged into the server and checked your surrounding buildings with a hammer, then those buildings are the ones that didn’t get demolished. Meanwhile, the “other base” that you didn’t go visit, was demolished by those “friends” that were helping you watch your timers. I’m guessing they probably did that about 14 minutes after it went into decay.

It was a hard lesson to learn I’m sure, but if you really have 3k hours played in this game, then I’m sure you will have no trouble getting back into the swing of things. You will have everything replaced and forgotten in no time. Best of luck to ya.


Just to be sure I understand correctly, did you check both bases, with the repair hammer, before logging off? Or did you only check the one where you logged off?


I know how decay work and i know about time sharing. It was big area and i checked it with hammer. Low part and upper. There are no building pieces around, everything was on stormglass foudnations. We were in this base and run around for a while.
And still, all buildings on server should have 60+ hrs yesrerday, when back to 169 hrs.

We check all our base before log off, checking with hammer to be sure with timer, like always.
I dont care so much for resources, we have them. I just want to know what happend. For me its not normal, all buildings are refreshed and there are no way to decay.
As i mentioned… You can see decay time on screens. Decay time limit in that case was set on 10.01, not 6am 9.01, 14 minutes after start decay base. Big low part base, on few hundreds foundations.

the decay state “abandon” (in your first screenshot: 2023-01-09 05:57) means that from now on every player is able to demolish your “abandon” stuff. the specified decay time (in your first screenshot: 2023-01-10 05:57) is when the game removes your decayed pieces.

and as you can see in your screenshots, shortly after entering the “abandon” state, someone started to dismantle your base

so at least that part works exactly as intended


Unfortunately I cannot blow up your screen shots to be able to read on my phone so I can not make a educated response. @Laravandrel However you could send in a Zendesk report to Funcom Zendesk. Com. From what I have read something Went sideways with decay refresh. On pve Ps4 we have one larger base a place large enough for whprpeel of pain at Sinners refuge
Above mounds and another base about 15 minutes to hit all using map rooms and Battle standard. At large base never run across whole property been doing for months no problem.

Still, the base had no right to go into a state of decay. It is also interesting that this person demolished 490 foundations in a second… In total, she destroyed everything in 2 seconds.

On Zen only help when i ever got was… Remove foundation spammers… Thats why i create topic this time here. When hacker clean our base siptach, we send tickets… No respond.

Hopefully in the next few days you get more helpful information
Thankfully being on Forum got us back to our official pve server after decay rates were changed noticed several builds around map where gone. @Community any suggestions here. @Laravandrel

I doubt that one can interpret the log entries in this way. most of the log entries are written in intervals. anything else would just result in massive log spam (490 identical rows in this specific case… not very helpful) and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. the “490” entry only means that this player destroyed these foundations within the last log interval.

how long is the interval for this log type? no idea. probably only funcom knows that :man_shrugging:

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If the foundations were connected, all they had to do was destroy one foundation and all of them would be destroyed, this only works once your base is in a state of decay, anyone can come and with one click destroy it all, even all the placeables inside will disappear cause they lose stability. Sorry for the loss, I know how devastating it can be!

Ok… Still base shouldnt decay, it was refreshed 2 days earlier.
Still noone explain me how destroy decaying foundations (Press “E” and destroy option dont work for me and peoples who play with us)
Foundations are set just on floor, not up.
You want to say…we can destroy other players base in one click on founds? How? It will be very helpful for me in future.

Once the base goes into a state of decay, all you do is equip your repair hammer and (in my case because I’m on PS5) just hold square, and the option to ‘Demolish’ always works. (edit: I had used the word ‘dismantle’)

It does sound like this person knew your base was about to decay, so they had most likely been checking it frequently and noticed the timers were messed up.

I’m not sure about the 2 day decay, that should never happen obviously. But I do know from experience that once the base is in a state of decay, one click can literally bring it all down (chests, thralls, crafting stations, everything goes!)

Have you ever demolished a decayed base before? In case you haven’t, the way it works is different from dismantling of the stuff you own, and the behavior depends on whether you’re demolishing a placeable or a building piece.

If you demolish a placeable, only that placeable will be destroyed, along with anything that was relying on it for stability. For example, if there’s a table with a cup, a plate, and a chest on top of it, demolishing the table will destroy the table, and the cup, plate, and chest will lose stability and also be destroyed.

However, if you demolish a building piece, every building piece connected to it will also be destroyed. This is where “demolish” differs from “dismantle”, and that’s how you can demolish 490 foundations instantly. It’s just the way the game works.


I found Moos GamesTV video Conan Exiles Abandonment System or How Decay Works in Conan Exiles - MoosGamesTV Special Guide - YouTube
explaining how decay works and how abandoned buildings can be destroyed (it is made 2018 but decay and destruction mechanics haven’t change much). Somewhere around middle of video (2:22 or so) you can watch destroying decayed base. Option is to Demolish (not Dismantle) decayed foundation destroying whole building.


Thanks, i will check this if will have a chance, but im sure none of the options work for me when tried many many times… Always just destroy doors, chests, stations…etc.

Ok so Shani player cannbe solved. Still bug with fast decaying not.
Base have no right to start decay after 2 days. Base with 168 hrs.
As i said… Yes, we check low and upper part before exit.
Even if we didnt… Still bade should have 60hrs, like everyone on server after back to 168

You shouldn’t ever be able to see it on your own base because your very presence takes your base out of abandoned state.

Ask someone to place a single foundation then go away. You can stand there for an hour or so and watch the timer count down.

Once it hits zero you’ll see the option everyone is talking about.

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After all, I know I won’t see it on my own base. I didn’t ask about the possibility of destroying my own base through decay, and I never looked for such an option.
The topic is about the bug of decay of a base that was refreshed and had no right to go into decay :slight_smile:
Regarding the demolition of bases in decay, the topic is closed for which I thanked and when I have the opportunity I will check again.
Now I would prefer to focus on the timing of the schedule itself, it would be nice if someone from support would take an interest in this because the problem can also affect other people, and it is nothing nice. I don’t want to leave the game and after a day or two see the bases disappearing, unless it’s some alternate reality and the day now lasts 84h :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

With the end of the holidays and with mostly everyone already finishing their family gatherings, we made the decision to revert the decay timers back to their original 7 days.

This should be reflected in the in-game messaging as of right now.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience while we worked on adding this in-game.

Let us know if we can be of any more assistance.