My main base decayed when my secondary base didnt while in expanded decayed timers!

I logged in today in time completely to refresh my main base as well as the secondary! And the main base was decayed!!
What’s more on that, the decayed timers were not even past 6 days. I had logged in on Wednesday, and logged back in today which is Saturday! Anyway! I went to check my secondary base and it was completely there, as it should be! Also fancom devs, you state you extended the decay timers! You did the opposite? Please see to it, since I lost a huge amount of work with that decay!! I don’t know what you will do. I want my main base back.

The server is Official: The Isle of Siptah #6431 Pve-G My character name is Adrenaline.

Pics of the decayed main base (which I was refreshing at exactly

the same time as with the secondary and then I was logging off!). And pics of the non-decayed secondary base!!

Decay always wins…

You still need to refresh it after they bumped the timer, to get max 14 days again.

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