Decay timers back to normal,not cool!

Hello Funcom,
I just have to get rid of my frustration.
I took care of my evil for over a year and collected material without end and sometimes it is a day too late and all the work of many months is destroyed in seconds. How can it be that the timer is set to 7 days ?! It is already clear to you that you sometimes go on vacation or get sick or, or and maybe not always able to stick to the 7 days?!
It’s just cheeky how players are forced to visit the game even from the “grave” so that you can continue to have your hard-earned resources.
Stop implanting new content before the base game has reached a normal level.

Have a nice day

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its not the short interval that bothers me. Since the last update, we have lost two bases in exiles.
I spend 2 hours every Wednesday and Saterday morning running around touching stuff.
Yet 2 days after last weekdays run, our bases just dissipated.
We have been doing this for over 2 years now, Im sure we have it down pat, so I can only lay the loss at FUncoms feet.

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This one agree to log in only to refresh bases and since 2 years. This is the problem we have …

Officials servers are not a place you build and then log only to refresh forever. It is a place to play the game.

This is why we need a system like an upkeep to force players to be active and play. decay is not enough.


I’d agree with that statement above me. If you are only logging in to refresh a base and then log out, you aren’t really playing anymore. And its not fair to the other people on that server that you are occupying space doing nothing. If you want to build something and keep it forever without playing the game afterward, do it in single player mode.


yeah turn em back !!

I play this game, its release on ps4 and xbox and have lost more than just 1min. arriving too late after the seven days have expired so that all of my work is over. So you don’t treat players who build up something over a long period of time and should not and a constraint. I stick to it, that is not a solution to minimize players for a short time, this also drives out players who have been around for a long time. The main thing is that they are working on extensions and not for long-term fun.

call the game : 7days to die. !!!

Those times are just for decay, we play several servers daily. Mrs, Mrs Jones prefers modded, I prefer official.
I spent 4 hours on the exiles server yesterday.
With Siptah out, we are spending more time on it. I have friends and enemies there, so Im always going to and fro.

i would like to hear from an official from funcom why this has to be the case. You can integrate a server filter that differentiates between sandstone and playing time, a long-playing player should be rewarded and not punished.
funcom, you don’t want long-term players if you’re honest, what other game forces me to attend these seven days.
I am extremely upset because I have invested so much in time and farming and because of illness I was only 1 day late and everything was gone. You should work on such little things and not always work against the player.

have a nice day

Not so, the game is designed that you finish and move on.
Then start over again.
This is not a MMO like SWG or Second Life, where you work in there everyday, and there is no end.
Besides CE isnt even an MMO, its a MO.

the effects are also clear, in the summer, when it was at least 14 days, the servers were still relatively well attended, now with the 7-day changeover you notice how few players are still on the servers, nobody wants to submit to you to follow the system, which makes no sense. There are so few players anyway, as far as the ps4 is concerned and then you do something like that.

It’s a shame funcom, it was clear to me that none of you ignored what players write here, but I didn’t expect such indifference.
thanks for nothing…

In an ideal exiled land, this would be fine. But some platform(s) suffer, tremendously from stability issues. It would take much longer for an xbox player to gather resources over other platforms. Xbox players have it bad enough without being forced to spend time farming/dashboarding.

Sensible idea, detrimental effect.

You have to do more than touch the bases. You have to stay there until the tier resets.

Hit SHIFT while looking at the base and it will display the timer.

Sometimes, I walk up to a base and the timer resets immediately. Sometimes I have to stand on the base for a few minutes.

Please no, this is heck annoying
I just want to play like a regular
This would be just as annoying as the thrall and pet feeding

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I carry a star metal hammer where ever I go. I use it to make sure each structure is reset.
You can watch it change.

Been doing this the same way for over 2 years now, and it has worked until the big update, and now stuff that says its good, goes away before the next 4 day period.

Strict decay times are good. Official servers are overcrowded with bases of people who don’t play, but keep refreshing them anyway.


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