8% Power Agents

We didn’t get to test agents in Beta. Can you please look into 8% Power Agents not working for Swallow Cut (Blade) before the rebalance goes live? It’s a huge DPS loss for my Blade/Hammer build.

If I’m being blunt, I don’t think ANY of the agents you slot for blade work as intended. According to DumbOx, you should ideally run a ND agent, your faction agent and use whatever agent deals 10% damage to * (’*’ being humans/supernaturals, etc,.) I tried this, and it was a 3k dps loss consistently for blade. I replaced the Templar faction agent with Montgomery De La Roche (the other 7% blade agent) and my damage went back to what I was used to.

So, make of it what you will. I’m just convinced blade has always been all-around broken.


What’s an ND agent?

I really want to use these. A huge part of my DPS comes from both Swallow Cut and Demolish. I would looooove to have all three 8% agents for both of those.They do absolutely nothing for Swallow Cut except for the Attack Rating on Sarah. Nonetheless, I hope they look into it. I would use them over anything else for my Blade/Hammer build.

I didn’t look for dps loss with power agents, I just hovered over the abilities after equipping them and nothing changed except for when adding a Sarah. I’ll have to check the others, too, but these are the only ones I really care about.

ND is New Dawn, as in the agents that come from New Dawn missions or from the South Africa boosters. They give 150 crit power and 7% extra damage and healing to a specific weapon type (blade, AR shotgun etc), and there’s one for each of those. Victor Cromely is the one for blade.

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Oh ok. I think I use the two 7% Blade and a 20% Elite because I use Mauling right now.

Unlike the neck signets, power ability agents do not buff the following:

  • Chaos singularities nor doppelgangers
  • Rifle’s grenades
  • Spirit blade’s damage
  • (possibly) shotgun shells’ damage
  • (possibly) pistols’ chambers’ procs
  • (possibly) fists’ wrath abilities

Also, in addition to that, the tooltips for “power abilities” (agents or neck signets) might get a refresh and say “power abilities and weapon specialties”, since many people are usually confused otherwise.

Yeah, I knew it didn’t buff specials, but they are thinking of including them?

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The Neck signets buff specialty damage, so the power ability agents should too, otherwise, you have an inconsistency in which weapons are being buffed and by how much (hammers fully benefit from % power agents for instance, since hammer’s specialty is “built-in” power abilities).

I see what you mean. That’s a good idea.

Swallow Cut has already been fixed internally and will be in the next Beta Phase. As for the other agents: Need to dig into the math a bit and discuss it with the other designers.


YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

@Drenneth @Illesdan

Dopplegangers being buffed by agents would also be nice :wink:

That is one longstanding issue with agents really and its awesome to see that this is being looked into further. I don’t care too much as long as there is some consistency. An easy example would be Hammer which has its weapon mechanic directly built into its power attacks and therefore buffed by power signets. Their might be other examples but as far as I know most other weapon mechanics are treated as a separate damage source entirely.

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Hammer, Blood and Elementalism have their specialty directly buffing the damage of power abilities. All the other weapons have the problem.


@Nirvelle would it be possible to get these maxxed agents for the next open beta with all three slots open, or is it too much trouble?

It’s not it’s too much trouble, it’s rather that agents not being used during beta is intended.

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