9000 seems a bit small?

If there are only 225 servers per platform that’s only 9000 public spots available. Just doesn’t seem to add up to me.

I think they said they have more on backup.

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I also think they are counting on a large number of “open” private servers. I think more of the private servers are going password protected after launch to control the communities though.

Privately-run servers might add another 6,000. Even still, I get what you’re onto. The servers might fill up pretty easily. They’ll likely need to overflow into their backup.

I understand what many have said. My buddies and I equal 4-5 people, we want to PvP, but would rather just join a public server. What sucks, the small amount of slots and everyone will get off work at different times. Can’t really join all at once.

There are probably a lot of spot instances that can be spun up on demand if the server load reaches a particular level without any intervention.

Anyone who has played the game before will probably choose a private server. They are more reliable and have active admins to crack down on cheating and help with bugs.

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keep in mind servers are down right now and 4800 people are in game on steam. Which means there are a fair number of private servers and single players.