A Coliseum in an Official PVP

Is this structure still up? This thread is an interesting curiosity to see if PVPers are as destructive as some make them out to be.


cool arena, we had a smaller one built above a map room.

Depends on the population of the server.

I wait for your reply, I will not destroy it, trust me :slightly_smiling_face: server number?

Still up, not attacked. Pretty populated server, but a relatively friendly one. Haven’t seen any wars resolved by clans getting each other banned, at least.

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The lower audience stairs are just Arena DLC pieces (including the curved stair piece) but the higher/outer seats involves breaking the pattern of alternating square/wedge rings with only square stair pieces. This causes 30 degree gaps between each stack of bleachers, but with a little jiggling you can get slanted wall pieces onto either side of that gap to create the triangular “pillars” which are capped by the Argossean statues. I think there is also a wall with a stair that leads down onto a wedge, but it is not attached to the wedge.

Very nice! I have not break anything :slight_smile:

May be send I event for saturday evening, then we can first level up and after fight in the arena.

What is your time zone? I am GMT+1 paris/france.

Very smart indeed!
I built coliseums, and I know how painful it is to get the audience seats well arranged. Those triangular “pillars” are the tricks. Will definitely try.