A Coliseum in an Official PVP

Built this arena in a public PVP for anyone to use. Probably won’t last forever, so sharing it here:


Dude, you should have built it on pve-c or pve with a pvp flag. It’s awesome. It will be a waste if it gets bombed to the ground. Great build!


I like to live dangerously :wink:

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I doubt your coliseum shares your taste for thrill. :smile:
It’s a very nice build. I hope people use it instead of destroying it.


Aaaaaaaand bannable for land claim.


Yeah unfortunately if this is on an official server youre gonna loose it as soon as someone reports you which is a total shame, very nice build.

It has the land claim of a map room! It is not over decorated and it has no thralls or defensive mechanisms! If someone will report the player @ishma for this reason then the admins probably will just wipe the build without further problems! I say probably, maybe they won’t even bother to wipe it and proceed to the next ticket! One thing people must understand is the lines we should not cross! Watching a build like it, do you feel that this player crossed lines?
I don’t!
@ishma to “save” this build place it on the share your shelter topic :wink:.
Good job, well done!


Why would anyone report and wipe this building? It’s not too big, it is not blocking anything. Some land claim is kinda needed when a person wants to build something. :smiley:

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I don’t see any reason it breaches ToS from what I see.

However I just know you got some juicy loot somewhere in that. Level it!

But in all seriousness, it looks awesome and if I was on that server, I would be envious and proud 5hwyvits there.


We had a coliseum on xbox pvp server #2584 for the longest time that looked really similar. Good times were had there. Even when we were at war, no one attacked it because A- it held nothing of value and B- it was really really cool

Oh I agree that people should build these and they should be just fine. But we all know there is those types of people that would report these, just because.

I agree, why!! Its no different then public map rooms, or bridges over water/canyons. All serve a purpose.

Techically, unnecessary land claim blocking resources and preventing players from building would be the reason. I disagree with that logic though, but thats the rules we are forced to follow.


I never believed that you don’t, I was just searching reasons to chat with you :hugs:

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Love it makes me feel like building one on our server again.

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So far it has only had combat on the sands :slight_smile:

I hope that also means no one would report it. I’ve read TOS and I suppose it could be a “pointless” building (tho it does have a small workshop in the basement to produce building materials and iron tier weapons/armor for gladiators), but I cannot see that it is blocking any resources or animal spawns - it is the most featureless little patch of desert, without even stones, and can be walked both around and through.

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Well, it’s on official PvP, so people have the option to just blow it up. Of course, we have some people who can’t bother to PvP on PvP servers, preferring to let the admins do the work for them. All we can do is hope that the server community doesn’t have their share of complete and utter jerks.

Now I want one of those too.


How did you manage to put the audience seats down anyway?
aka. How to put stairs on wedges?

I don’t think there are any stairs on wedges. If you follow the pattern of square and triangle foundations on the main arena floor, you can determine that every spot with stairs is actually on a square foundation. Those neat corner stair building pieces give an illusion on triangularity.

Some people?? I just started playing again and the threats of dev wipes are apparently the norm. Me and 5 of my clan mates joined a busy server and by the time we were ready (2days) to fight, 3/5 clans had been banned but all land claim remained in place. Sad state of officials indeed


Very nice build, what server number? I want to visit!

May be send an event here and we all come naked level 10 with stone weapons :slight_smile:

(I am in EU)

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