A couple issues that seem to have arisen after the last patch

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type PvE-Conflict
Region: Americas
Hardware: XB1

First issue. Entire purchased addon (Frontiers pack) disappeared from my in game menu despite it showing up in my XBOX ‘manage game’ Did not show up for 2 days, though uninstall and re-install seems to have fixed this.

Second issue - frozen/unable to move after obelisk port or dungeon exit. Has happened at Volcano, UC and Mounds obeslisks. Have not tested others yet. Has happened 2x exiting Well of Skelos. No controller functions such as move or attack will work. Can only “dodge roll” and sometimes will reset to functionality by going thru the game menu, but other times all you can do is stand there, restart the game and hope not to die to a random mob passing by or a player.

Third Issue - dying immediately upon respawn on bed/bedroll. Selected “bed” after a death, when loading screen finished immediately died on the spot within my compound where there are no mobs/npcs/other players. In the desert biome where there is no severe temp issue that would kill you quickly due to exposure.

just checking if these are known issues or if there is anyone else experiencing this crap that has found a solution (other than just deleting the game permanently)

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