A couple questions about what’s legal

Since most of these threads seem to be closed within a day do to people venting more than trying to move forward. I’d like to start out with a couple simple questions that should require a simple answer.
1- if I block a stone or tree spawn, is this grounds for a ban?

2- if my thralls are accidentally placed to close together, is this grounds for a ban?

3- the majority of area where one would want to build a base is a named location. Westwatch keep, the docks, the gutter, the great dam, the claws (siptah) the list goes on. Is this grounds for a ban?

4- stacking is out of the game. Is there any other ways that will get one banned when utilizing building different building pieces to create a base?

5- what exactly creates server lag or poor server performance so one can avoid this?

6- if a building piece or chest, bench is touching the “mesh” is this bannable?

7- does a base need to be all connected or can one have a wall or building that is not connected to the main base? ( I’m not talking about something that is a grid away more like 20 feet or so)

8- from what everyone keeps saying number of building pieces doesn’t matter it’s more about how you use them? Is there a certain number that one should stay within?

My intention with this thread is to be productive and try to figure out what the issues/details are with this system. Obviously there is a issue with a majority of official players not understanding what exactly is getting them banned. I for one would like to continue to play this game and not have to consistently worry about losing progress for no reason. I know I’m not alone so let’s try to keep this one up for more than a day. This is Mainly directed to funcom since they have the real answers.

Let’s try not to go into depth on our own personal bans as that’s what usually gets a somewhat automated response and a soon after thread close.


In the off chance that FC won’t specify :eyes: I can give you my take on these:

  1. No. OTOH, if you block too many then maybe.
  2. No. OTOH, if it messes with someone else’s game somehow then maybe.
  3. Yes, probably. It likely depends on how much of the POI you’re occupying and/or how intrusive it is.
  4. Yes. Orphaned or spammed blocks and/or torches were listed by FC. So were player obstructive walls and purposeless buildings.
  5. It’s complicated.
  6. No.
  7. 20 feet is roughly 3 blocks so that seems fine. Eight to ten blocks is a little far from what I’ve seen of FC’s judgements but if it has a purpose and there are only one or two of these then maybe it would be OK.
  8. Correct. FC has said that it’s not about the number - but it’s about the purpose and placement of them. I dunno it there is a rule of thumb number or not but I would expect not as there are so many different styles and environments. OTOH, it you’re seeing numbers anywhere around 10k then you might wanna rethink your style and/or environment.

From my observations a fairly common factor in getting banned or having your base wiped is getting reported. So far I haven’t seen a base get wiped without it having been first reported. It seems like there are specific servers assigned to specific Administrators - so just like there are lenient judges and hanging judges so also are there strict, moderate, and lackadaisical administrators. :wink:


Looking at funcoms thread its just pure land claim amount that is the problem regardless of what its being used for. It could be different buildings for alters/wheels/animal pens or just pure foundation blocks.

The final nail in the coffin on my main account I built out the front of my base on both sides to stop the chinese on the server from walling me in (they did it to my previous base)

they reported me for it and I got banned instead of griefed and now my account with 11k hours and day 1 early access purchase is perm banned from officials. A long with 7 other people in my clan receiving 2 week suspensions.



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Ugh…more drill downs. I can’t speak for FC, but I can say I haven’t been banned, ever…and I believe I know the reason.

My builds are intentional and purposely designed to minimize impact on others. You can still get quite grandiose with that if you are creative enough. I build small on pvp and large in PvE (technically I build large in pvp as well but those are fake bases).

The thing here is simply this…does your build show respect for the game and for the people playing in it? Or is it a testimony of what you want and to heck with anyone else?
Do you put enough lighting to simply ensure you can see or do you have every nook of your base at 100% visibility?

You want lines in the sand and I am telling you that type of viewpoint will get you enforced on because you aren’t in the right mindset. By asking the nit pick limits, you are looking for how to min max and leverage and that is the exact opposite of where I see FC is pushing folks with updates and enforcements on record.


You can be banned for having multiple bases too. All someone needs to do is report you for land claim spamming multiple locations to stop others from building in those spots.

It’s all about if you get reported or not. Lol.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve been reported on more than once since it’s the go-to effort of the weak and impatient players. Multiple bases does open you up for scrutiny but doesn’t mean you will get banned. The ToS are not binary, black and white, lines in the sand. Everyone that has tried to put a spec/measurable limit to the enforcements have failed and get more frustrated. Through our the months we have discussed this, everyone that has brought up limits gets frustrated over it. I have not because I don’t promote limits, but actual direction in how to build. It’s not about the size of the base. It’s not about the number of bases. It’s about keeping everyone in mind and remembering this is a shared game. I can offer one aspect that is clearly a spec/limit. If you are using your build or your build is perceived to be limiting others enjoyment or access to the game, you will be banned.

With all do respect you’re stating very obvious things. If you have nothing productive to say other than “ think of others” this is not the thread for you. You saying you have multiple bases (taking up building spots) is clearly in the rules unlike the questions I’m bringing up. Also things change when you go from a solo or duo to maybe a full clan. The questions I ask are specific because I am doing my best to abide by the rules yet consistently get denied.

Please don’t state the obvious, at this point we’ve all read the tos. It’s not that hard to just not post on a thread if you have nothing to say that can be useful.


Good input. I just don’t get why with such a big issue why they wouldn’t want to specify. Currently the message of the day (for a while now) has been about the canceled server transfer so any new player is pretty much screwed because they have no idea about the tos

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Now this is just my opinion.
The only way your gonna get the correct answers to all your questions is for Funcom to answer. Until then we all can just tell from experience that it`s wide wide field for interpretation. Maybe try turn in a ticket with these questions if you get answers please share them. Good luck


All in all you aren’t wrong. That being said there is no option for simply asking questions such as these thru zendesk as it’s for reporting issues. These forums are regularly read by the devs so I don’t see why it would be difficult for them to comment on here. It shouldn’t be a secret that I need to send a personal ticket for.

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I will pop in quickly to say that no matter what speculation is here… it does not matter the size or pieces, IF you get reported now (not necessarily before) YOU WILL GET BANNED. I am saying this based on a simple test conducted.

1 report is all it takes and it needs nothing to support it.


Before people start attacking me for speaking the truth
this right here is the issue.
is not even a matter of whats right or wrong to build, when you get reported YOU WILL GET BANNED.

As the rest of your questions, OP im afraid most of them need an official answer.
no amount of player discussion will solve the fundamental problem that only funcom can solve.


I think that if it prevents other player to come and discover this location may it is.

If this is true, then it simply isn’t feasible to play official for anyone they would be devoid of any players (this isn’t true). You would be implying that someone could report all of your builds on zendesk. If you’re correct, you would all be gone by now. But judging by player numbers on the server browser, this isn’t close to true.

Why even go there? Like I originally said if you have nothing useful to say just simply refrain


my dude saying “just go private XD”
as if that was a solution, some people like playing officials still, in my case i don’t wanna go:
“rates x5 , 20 min raid time per week, no horse, no axe, no climbing, no base, no weapon” and then seeing people pay for loot and getting banned because someone payed the admin and told him that you were mean.
have seen that too many times.

I would ask if people are simply going to make up falsehoods, why even bother?

Funcom has already stated that they do investigate reports. There’s NEVER been any evidence to the contrary. Only rhetoric when its asked for.

i have all the evidence with me, but if i start showing it this thread will be closed again precisely what the OP is trying to avoid.
you can trust my word and many of the presents in here.

Sorry, i don’t wanna derail this, please go on and i will not comment anymore.

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This is exactly what is happening @Taemien. I realize it is hard for you to believe, I did not believe it either.


Yup, more proof on my end too.

Sorry to the innocents if you’re reading this.