Clarification on Rules

Hello, I have some questions about the rules. I have read the official rules page but I did not find the answers there? The only thing that I was able to gather from the official rules is that you are not allowed to foundation spam to claim territory. I looked at the pictures given as examples and I found the first ones to be pretty clear. But some of the ladder ones I was unclear on the infraction. So for example if you build a small village that takes up alot of space it is not allowed? But if i were to build say 12-15 buildings at different places around the map this would be ok? Is there a size limit on how many tiles can be claimed? Does it matter if they are all in one spot or smaller spots claimed all over the map? Is there a limit to how many bases one can build? I am hoping someone can answer these questions for me.

Thank You.


I made this point in a ticket when he said my base was to big. Even though all he saw were thralls on the map. In reality, thralls have fistance placement and limit so even if base to big then why have so many thralls.

I was also told in a ticket that the base has to be smaller than one square on the map but clearly a lie based on the images post in the rules.


Where did you read this?

OK here is what I do all these years and have zero problems.
I pick my spot.
I build only what I need.
I progress slowly.
I don’t spam foundations to frame my territory.
From “village” to “castle”, slowly progressing and always keep communication with the other members of the server.
I always ask.
I always help.
If the community of the server “likes” you and you do not cause performance issues, 99,9%you will not be banned.
I let my builds decay in a lot of servers because I knew I was causing performance issues, never banned, never.
Play responsible and with respect to the others and you’ll have no issues, good luck, have fun :+1:t6:.


THIS! This is the main point about the rules. Players that actively adjust their builds for the good of the server tend not to get enforced on. Those that don’t and have a belief that this should be hard programmed in typically do. there are some outliers to these generalities but from what I have seen…this is the 95% rule of enforcement vs clearance.


Why would I want to let a build that I put in alot of time into decay on purpose? I am asking for clarification to avoid losing something that I spent my time on. I dont want to break the rules but I also want to have the largest base allowed. Therefore I need to understand where to stop. I do not think this is a hard question guys.

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I didnt read this, I see this on the server I am on. But in there picture example I saw an example of a ban that was smaller than the combined buildings on my server that have not been removed. Thats why I am asking for clarification.

If you aren’t using it, it should go away. Your past time building and or using it is irrelevant to the current conditions. I just deconstructed a map room in the volcano since I got my gold production up and collecting 7-9 bars daily. Why? Because it wasn’t needed anymore.

“Largest base allowed”…that type of thought is what gets people in trouble. Are you looking for a particular design or just a tower of Babel? There is no size limit as they have repeatedly said but that doesn’t mean they won’t enforce on something that limits resources. I don’t think the foundational space is the issue at all but all of the trimmings that are put in these large beasts are the drain but there is not definitive amount they have ever provided for official servers.

All I can do is warn you that wanting the largest base allowed is exactly the mentality that will get you in trouble since you don’t have a defined plan or artistic vision that you express is important to you outside of ‘go big or go home’.

I really dont think its to much to ask to want a large hard to raid base. That being said I also want to have it in line with the rules. But I dont understand the rules. I am just asking for specifics so that I know where to draw the line. That is all.

There is no line in the sand as far as size goes that has been expressed to us, the players.


Then how will I know if I cross it?

No, it is not.

This isn’t either. You get one spot.

Only what you need.

One location.

You don’t. Now you can complain about that and then the thread devolves into a battle between “min-maxers” vs “FC fanboys”, or you can adapt your views to not be so worried about the vague line and play towards an intent that doesn’t get you in trouble…that being of conservation and aesthetics.

You mentioned raid bases so I assume PVP. However the ToS is not the only thing that is at issue here as 3.0 is nerfing many defensive things (gates, doors, drawbridges) and there has yet to be anything mentioned about nerfing explosives. So please keep in mind your defensive building is mostly for moot anyways.

I don’t wish to be rude here. I am actually just being blunt about it in that PVP in CE is going through a painfully long transition towards something that only the devs know for sure (assuming they have a designed plan vs just a direction they want to go) which we can only assume is quick loss of goods so that PVP alpha’s will be an ever rotating title between clans. I don’t know if this is the intent or not but it is the result of what has been transpiring for well over a year. Most of the threads over it have been removed due to stupid comments and/or people that can’t control themselves so I understand why you haven’t been able to research it much on the forum here.

Now my bias about the whole thing is probably obvious so I will let others chime in here @Barnes @biggcane55 @Boobie (can only pick three so I picked the 3 PVPers that I believe will provide the most well rounded conversation therein)

The later pictures are about building things just to take the land, like empty houses ou merely decorative stuff, or building a great village and walling all around. Think that is it.

says who? that is not expressed on the rules. you just made that up based on the inconsistencies showns by funcom moderation.

Well one could argue that I need a maproom and vault at every obi, I need wheelbases at alot of the npc camps, and I need raid bases outside my enemys bases. Is this allowed?

I know for a fact they allow more than one location. But I am asking if there is a limit?

While I agree with your reasoning on this, it just brings up more questions. Like if I put a wheel, and a vault, and a maproom, and maybe some chests in them and use them would these same bases in the pictures be allowed?

Are you suggesting that you have to be accepted into the community in order to not be banned?

This is spreading misinformation, c’mon man. Why are you writing that only 1 location is permitted? We know that staff have clarified you can have more than 1 build.

Just in case people are not clear what I am referring to: