A few more suggestions from an ongoing player

I had this thought last night when obtaining an Archer to slap on the roof of my little shack, for a high vantage look around.

We have this mechanic in game already, in two forms. Thrall Pot and the box for pet food.

My though was a Supply Chest for the guard thralls to retrieve items from as needed. So instead of having to resupply an archer with arrow stacks, you just dump them into the Supply Chest and the archer will pull them as needed.

A check could be put in place for usage.

When the archer thrall hits a low number of arrows, 5 or so, they run a check on the Supply box looking for that same name arrow. If a stack is present, they refill their stack.

If that arrow type isn’t present, it grabs any arrow stack from the chest.

You could probably also set this up for armor and/or weapons as well.

Seems like it’d be a good QoL addition, to cut down on micromanaging thralls. Same as how the Thrall Pot does for feeding them.

The next is harvesting water from a cactus. They are plentiful enough. Though I believe at this point they just drop wood? Which seems…weird.

I’d rather see them changed to a non-tree clone, and instead have more unique drops.

Cactus Sap – could be used as a water source while in the desert
Cactus Spine – could be used as a needle for needle/thread sewing, useful if we got some basic clothing added in, or for torturer stuff in dealing with thralls
Cactus Flesh - a juicy flesh to eat

I like the planters, but I’d like to see some basic level crop farming, such as it were, to expand some of the food out.

Not sure how much would be available, but the highlands seems the right sort of climate for things like potatoes, wheat, or maybe corn.

You could stick the wheat into a grinder to make flour, and use a stove to make bread. It could also make hardtack, which is an equivalent to dried meat and the like, for lasting longer.

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Realy like this idea.

But maybe the Cactus sap works as resin. And the Cactus Flesh could work like the eggs, but slightly better. Water and food source. Maybe the needles could be an anti climb leather “wall paper” you put on T2 walls with poison tips or bleed.

That arrow idea works fairly well. I believe I’ve seen similar elsewhere. Basic arrows for their tier level, and any others you give them as bonus ones.

The cactus idea is largely just a real life thing. Desert peoples can use cacti for a water source and food, so it seems logical it should be in this game.

I would also suggest dried dung as a fuel source. Because in areas of the desert, where wood isn’t really available, that is what they use. They collect it from horses, and people as well, after it’s dried out, and burn it.

Not to say that it’d smell pleasant, but seems like a viable realism addition to the game. Aside from just using it as compost.

There is also another fact to consider in that dung from a predator could possibly be used to deter other predators from coming into the area. Sort of a reverse to the lures you can do with Jhebbal Sag.

i kinda agree. But we need a new item, a quiver. The different arrows have different quivers. Maybe 25 arrows + leather makes a quiver. Only arm-able on Archers. And arrows shot by them cannot be retrieved. This removes the exploit that was quit clan, make a few archers and load them with throwing axes, and snake arrows (1 only per Archer). Then rejoin old clan and have them porcupine you when you needed arrows. This was before thrall feeding. I assume, one would have to take into account that now, but honey and 3 thrall pots would give you a week of farming free axes and arrows, technically not cheating.

Must be brain dead today.

Didn’t realize until just now in playing at my camp near Dustdevil Ridge, that the Supply Chest idea had a much more potent possibility.

That being a generic ingredient storage chest.

Dumping in some base crafting objects and nearby craft stations can pull from it when building.

If it could be done, it’d be a nice QoL adjustment.

Somewhat annoying to be crafting something and have to just from one station to another to grab something left there, especially for multi-purpose items.

Things like Steel or Iron Bars would be great with this. Instead of grabbing stacks from the Blacksmith or Armorer benches as needed. Same with Stone, Wood, and other common items.

Be really nice if we could drop a chest like this, fill it with the item stacks, and just use as needed.

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