Chest for slaves

It would be nice to make an ammunition chest for archer slaves. Work similar to the slave boiler. Put arrow in the chest from which they will take them


I agree

And here I was thinking of something completely different when someone talks about slaves and their chests. Maybe use another word, such as “rack”.

Oh, wait, that’s not helpful, is it?

… Anyway. The suggestion itself has merit. Micromanaging arrows for several archer thralls can be tedious, so having a single node where they could draw their arrows automatically would help with base defense situations. Especially if you’re getting a human Purge and would like your archers to use blunted arrows so as to catch those delicious T4 thralls alive.


True but last I checked some thralls with club knocked out one npc and just keeps beating him all most reminded me of avengers age of altron scene where strak keeps hitting the hulk go to sleep go to sleep go to sleep but I think the npcs in this game can’t survive that

There are mods for that… To change many things on thralls and even their clothing. You often see such NFSW posts from thralls at working bench in the conan sub-reddit.

I eat Slave Chest for breakfast! And for Lunch! And for Dinner!

from Exiles Extreme Chest

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While I think an idea like this can be good, I think it needs to be done right.

Simply adding another option whether in the chest or while holding E should suffice. If we create an entire new entity for it it would probably do more harm than good. Promoting good optimization is key for Conan.

For example in the chest there could simply be a checkbox for if thralls can take out of the chest. It can be even expanded on by what they can and can’t take out.

We could just put those arrows into a Thrall Pot, why not?

Lore wise it makes virtually no sense why arrows would be in a Thrall Pot. It exists for food and I think it could be rather misleading to players.

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