"Arrow Dispensers" for Archer thralls

We’ve got Pots & Boxes to distribute food to thrall & pets, how about an Arrow Barrel for Archer Thralls?

We’d set one up at the bottom of a wall and archers could pull arrows out to fire at threats as they needed. It’d help us keep their damage up from not resorting to flintheads and we wouldn’t need to micromanage their ammo as much.


I would LOVE this. It would also be nice if we had a means to requip our bases’ fighters from damage to trunches too, but an arrow barrel would probably be easier to implement.


You know, because of the strange way animals pulled types of food they would never actually consume from the Trough, I actually tried stuffing a Thrall pot full of arrows just in case it might work.

Of course, sadly it didn’t. :frowning:

:heart:'d this.


The one bug we really need lol.

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Yes, I think many players would file that bug as “please don’t fix” right alongside the rocket rhinos. :rofl:


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