Arrow Quiver for thralls

I know the change to having your acher thralls using up their ammo was implemented a while ago, and Im all for that…but if you have a lot of archers, you need to worry about making sure each of them is armed if you want maximum damage.

What do people think about a “community quiver” that you could place that would service ■■■ number of foundations. Any archer in that radius automatically fills their inventory with those arrows until depleted. This would work similar to the feed pots we used to use. This just saves some time where you only have to keep one “quiver” full of arrows and the archers use them as needed. Maybe cap at the same as a chest, 45 slots?


This would definitely be a qol improvement! I’ve read many posts requesting this feature. I personally have around 100 archer thralls to keep stocked. Thankfully people avoid my base(as intended) so my archers haven’t used much ammo.


It’s not going to work.

This would essentially function like Thrall Pots and Feed Boxes. Only with arrows instead of food. And something was twitchy about them, so we no longer have to feed our Thralls/Pets.

I beg to differ.

My feeder boxes/thrall pots worked fine. No issues. The major complaints came from the cacophony created when animals became hungry and the over complex system to apply buffs etc. The proposed addition of a quiver box would be(should be) much simpler in terms of coding and application.

The thrall would only take from the quiver when no arrows are present their inventory. If no arrows are present in quiver at the time of request, the request gets put on hold until the quiver is filled and then requests can resume. Note, arrows don’t decay and they won’t be used as often. Minimal lag would be introduced compared to the feeders.


I think he was referring to Funcom actually stating it was affecting server performance to process feeding the way they had it. Not personal issues with it.

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No thanks. You would have to set them up with a backup melee weapon, and they already glitch out and stop attacking enough as it is.

I don’t see there being a problem with simply sticking one arrow of a type in the thralls inventory and letting them just use that arrow type infinitely.

They already get infinite durability for weapons and armor.


This is how it used to be! Oh how simple it was. I believe the special arrow types changed that… Someone figured explosive arrows and gas arrows would be too overwhelming.

Perhaps they could just limit the use of special arrows to players only? Rarely are special arrows that useful or efficient in the hands of thralls.

The problem was it was a way to dupe arrows.
Set up archers with snake arrows in the eastern highlands by a lot of trees.
Kite a world boss to that location
Pick up missed shots off of trees.
You now have more arrows than you gave out.

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Then to me, the solution should have been to completely remove the ability to recover arrows from trees. So if the thrall hits a tree, there is nothing to gain from it.

Make it so thrall arrows are NOT recoverable from enemies upon death.

Essentially, any arrow fired by a thrall is not recoverable in any way. That would have been a better option.


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