Suggestion: Thrall Pot for Arrows

This Thrall Pot idea is great for automatic feeding of thralls. Can we do the same for arrows? In fact, can we do this for all current and future consumables available to thralls? Right now I have a new grindy task. That is to check the quiver on every single base defense thrall at regular intervals… Give me a new placeable… call it an “Arrow Pot” or “Fletcher’s Station” or “Armory” or “Giga-quiver” or whatever, and it distributes arrows to my thralls like the Thrall pot distributes food.

Basically, rather than making 3000 serpent-man arrows and giving each of my 10 base defense archers 300 each and forcing me to check their inventories at regular intervals give me a thrall pot for arrows, each thrall picks up 5 or 10 of the kind assigned to their bow and draws more from the pot when he/she runs out.


hi im using a mod called Stun Bow, (but thrall archers cant seem to be able to use them), so i made a bunch of Blunted Arrows and unless i made a mistake, my 2 archers are still able to shoot arrows, i dont remember needing to fill them up and im sure i didnt make that many.

ill check in case the number remaining is actually reducing though.

btw can you give a Fighter a bow and arrow? :slight_smile:

my current strategy is using 2 tooled-up Archers (with Blunted Arrows), and a Level 3 Fighter with a Blunted truncheon), and any computer thralls trying to get into my base, end up (usually) being knocked out, and i can drag them onto the wheel to join me :slight_smile:
(usually works ok for a couple of enemy thralls, but any more and i need to jump in to help them)

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