A few q since the new update

  1. Is it a bug that building pieces can no longer be picked back up?

  2. I dont see the new menu where all the buildings pieces are in their own page or for that matter, i cant find any of my building pieces. Ive tried sorting etc. Nothing appears

  3. Is anyone elses character have randomly invisible body parts?

I’m on PS5.


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There’s a new construction hammer that shows building pieces.

Are you on a console? Which one?

  1. No. I don’t think so. This is part of the new building system.

  2. All your buildings pieces, including the crafting tables and walls/ceiling/foundation can be found when using the new Construction Hammer.

  3. A lot of people are having this issue where body parts are missing/invisible. Happening to building pieces too.

Greetings SirGreenDay!
All body parts (except head and hands) with DLC armor are invisible (DLC armor is not showing).
By the way, the new building system is awesome! Make sure you craft and hold a Building Hammer.

Rather than picking up individual building pieces, you now get 100 % of the raw materials back. So rather than ending up with a sandstone foundation (which you may not need anywhere) you get the 5 wood and 35 stone back, which you can use to build a new foundation or anything else.

The need to wield a construction hammer in order to build anything is slightly annoying, but the new crafting menu is so much easier to use than the old one. And this is from a mouse-and-keyboard user. I can’t even imagine what an improvement it is for controller users.

The invisible body parts/objects bug seems to plague a lot of PS users. A fix is probably on its way soonish. So far I haven’t encountered this on PC.

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I’m used to hold a repair hammer when I’m building to check stability. So, having the construction hammer equiped doesn’t change anything for me.

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