Building not working or even there

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Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: #3839

Bug Description:

There is no way to build anything. I can put points it to benches and building peaces and it will not show up. I’ve tried other servers and it’s the same.

Bug Reproduction:

I logged in.

build the new build hammer and then equip it then on screen ther must be stay what button to press to open the build menu on x box its lb

Yes, building has fundamentally changed. As BearHunter says, construct the new build hammer which is a new item in your build menu (NOT the repair hammer! )

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It will give prompts haven’t gotten used to it yet

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I’m having same issue, not playable

So apparently we don’t have to craft building pieces anymore? they just magically appear now in the crafting menu as long as you have the ingredients to make it? Why would they remove crafting building pieces? Its a crafting game? If they are doing that why craft anything at all? so ridiculous. Not really liking this new building system, at least let us craft the building pieces to give us a sense of accomplishment… kind of immersion breaking if you ask me…

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